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Monday 23 November 2015

Osaka University Bunkasai

Hey guys!
I went to Osaka University's culture festival the other week with my friend Yuto, and it was so fun! It was just as I'd imagined, strangely enough (i.e. just like anime, haha). 

Every club put on their own stand, or cafe, or performance! It was in Osaka University's Toyonaka Campus, and had such a nice atmosphere.

There were a lot of dance performances, I didn't get any good pictures though ^^;;
 There was also a Japanese-style Haunted house! It was actually scarier than I expected? Although only for the first jump-scare. After that, Yuto and I were laughing mostly... nervous laughter?
There was also a maid cafe, but we weren't allowed to take pictures. You could choose from a 'maid', a 'high school girl' or a 'policewoman'. What really surprised me, though, is that they had a list of 'special extras' including getting slapped by the maid for 200 yen... or getting tied up and led round the room.... no comment ^^;;

They had a lot of different bands playing! This one was called 'Scooby Doo' I think.
 And my friend Lin's band played, which was really fun.
 You could barely move outside! There were stalls selling lots of yummy and cheap food, I got yakisoba.
All in all, a great day! I'd totally recommend going to a university or a high school's culture festival if you get the chance! 
Thanks for reading! 
-Amy xoxo

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