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Sunday 30 October 2016

Current favourites: Autumn 2016

current favourites Autumn 2016
I've never done a favourites post before, but I love reading them, so I thought I'd join in the party. This time round is mostly beauty because I've just bought a tonne of new products, but there's a few fashion and lifestyle things thrown in too~

Skinnydip London phone case// I've been obsessed with Skinnydip for a while, so I'm so excited to finally have this case. It has melons, it is holographic and glittery, and it is just everything I've ever wanted in a phone case. Done. It also came with a screen protector, which is always nice.I've already dropped my phone a few times (fun fact about Amy: I'm really clumsy) and it's been fine. It's not the cheapest case at £14, but it's amazing, and it's kept my phone safe so far. I can't see myself changing this any time soon. Except for maybe a different skinnydip case.

current favourites Autumn 2016

Lush "Beautiful" shower gel// This smells amazing, it lasts a really long time, and just makes my shower feel so much more glam than it actually is (I am back in dorms again, sigh) I raved about it plenty in my haul post when I repurchased it the other week. Basically, it makes me feel like a princess.

Bleach London's Silver shampoo// I was making my own DIY silver shampoo for the whole time I was in Japan, but this one is just so much less effort, you know? I wanna try and experiment some more with some other silver shampoos, but this one is fairly affordable at £6 and really pigmented, so I'm super happy with it. This one is a bluer tone compared to Lush's Daddy-o which is quite pink. I really like Daddy-o, but it's quite expensive for such a teeny bottle. I'm also using Bleach London's Reincarnation Mask a bit more lately, it's £7 which is a couple of quid more than I usually spend on hair masks, but you only need to use a bit so it lasts forever and my hair seems to be getting on pretty well with it.

Black DMs// I got my babies resoled recently, and they pretty much haven't left my feet since I bought them last year, so I thought I'd give them a mention again. You can't overhype Doc Martens in my opinion, they're amazing.

 Public desire "Amie" Chunky black long boots// Public desire have really blown up lately and their shoes all look amazing, so I was really excited to try them out. (I'm also super stoked they do student discount~) I've wanted thigh high boots for so long, and I'm not sure I can pull them off because I'm not sure I'm thin enough, but I wanna live the dream! They're so on trend right now, and I've seen a fair few people wearing them around town too so I think it will be a bit less terrifying to wear them. Have you guys got any tips for pulling them off? The heels on these boots are pretty tall, but because of the chunky heel and platform, I think they're really easy to wear.

Neutrogena hand and nail cream// I don't have the driest skin ever, but sometimes really posh scented handcreams can just leave my hands irritated so I need to be a little careful. I can't find Eumocream (my fave hand cream ever) in the shops anymore, so I need to find a replacement that will help me combat how scaly my hands can get in winter. Yep, scaly. I wish I was exaggerating. This hand cream isn't too expensive at £4.40 but so far it's kept my hands nice and soft.

Kosé sunscreen// is still keeping me nice and pale, and it's a good makeup base too. I've found this on amazon for like £8, so I think I'll repurchase this when it runs out as it's not greasy, didn't break me out and has SPF 50 and isn't tooo expensive. I also wanna mention how distressing it is that my fave Japanese eyeliners are both running out. I've bought Soap and Glory's supercat liner and I'll see how I get on with it, but I've found the Dolly Wink one on amazon, and the sailor moon one on yesstyle for £12 each so I'll probably be repurchasing them both to be honest. I already miss Japanese and Korean cosmetics so much... So I'll probably be doing a Yesstyle haul soon ish (as soon as I have money, hehe)

Bluebird Tea Co. Dark Choc Chilli Chai// This tea is sooo cozy and warming, perfect for autumn/winter! I just bought a new tea infuser and so I've finally been able to use this (it was a present from my cousin a while back- thanks Anna!) Seriously, if you like tea, or are looking for something a little different to try, this one is amazing! I definitely want to pick up a larger pack of this, I only have a teeny bit left!

Thanks for reading! What are you guys loving this autumn?
-Amy xoxo

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