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Wednesday 7 December 2016

Being Enlightened (?) at Unryuuin and Sennyuji, Kyoto

Being Enlightened (?) at Unryuuin and Sennyuji, Kyoto

After the Inari Shrines, I walked on to Unryuuin, to see the famous Satori no Mado- the window of enlightenment. It's a little out of the way, but I think it's definitely worth the visit. Because it's out of the way, Unryuuin and Sennyuji are a lot quieter and more reflective than some other temples. They are definitely hidden gems!
Because I was on my own, Unryuuin seemed really imposing and I was a bit scared, but all the people there were really nice. I think they were happy that I could speak Japanese, but they seemed confused that I was there. I felt a leetle out of place, but I took my time, walked around slowly and tried to relax. The gardens and architecture of Unryuuin were gorgeous!

Unnryuin Garden

Unnryuin Garden

There was a floor cushion set out so you could get the best view of these four windows. I think each view represents one of the four seasons, or something... (I've misplaced the information leaflet they gave me, ahh!)

Unryuuin windows

The bare tree was struck by lightning, and now is meant to look like a dragon climbing up to the sky.

Unryuuin Garden

And then I reached the famous Window of enlightenment (Satori no mado). It is so photogenic, just like a painting! Very Pinterest worthy :) Actually, Pinterest is where I first saw photos of this... and then I had to go for myself! Pinterest and Instagram are sometimes really helpful for finding places a little out of the way.

Unryuuin Window of enlightenment

Satori no Mado Unryuuin

After I'd been round Unryuuin, I dropped into neighboring Sennyuji. It's quite a big temple, but it was also fairly quiet.

Sennyuji Kyoto Temple


Sennyuji Kyoto Temple

Japanese temple Sennyuji

Temple tiles close up

The architecture was gorgeous! It's the same kind of style as Nijo Castle and the Imperial Palace.

Sennyuji Temple roof Kyoto

Kyoto Sennyuji

After Sennyuji, I headed home. What with Tofukuji and the Inari Shrines, I think I managed to get a lot done in one day! While they maybe aren't quite a 'must do', Sennyuji and Unryuuin are really pretty, and a lot quieter than nearby Fushimi Inari Taisha. If you're in the area, you could even do a day starting at Fushimi Inari, then up to Tofukuji and along to Sennyuji... it depends how much you like walking I guess :)

Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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