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Thursday 8 December 2016

Gig report: SuG tour 2016 SLVS at Umeda Akaso, 10/4/16

Picture from SuG's official website
So this live was a while ago, but I didn't blog about it for a while... I was actually too emotional about it. I've been a SuG fan for a long time now, and this live was the culmination of my little fangirl existence!!! SuG are amazing live, that's for sure. (P.S. this post is v fangirly, I apologise in advance)

SuG are definitely one of all time favourite bands, and actually getting to see them live... it was so amazing. I was also absolutely terrified, because I was at peak anxiety last year and going to a gig on my own wasn't the easiest thing to do. Worth it though!

So, without further ado, let's get into the live report:

The gig was at Umeda Akaso, which was pretty easy to find- it's quite close to Hep 5.
Umeda Akaso

Umeda Osaka

Ticketing was a little confusing: There was no line beforehand, because you lined up in order of the number on your ticket: Fan club first, and then it depended on how early you bought your ticket.
The line was also v scary- I was one of the only foreigners there so I felt extra stared at. Also Japanee gigs start early- this one started at 5pm, with doors at 4:15.

Merch was sold outside the venue: I got a wristband and a T shirt (YESS SUG SHIRT)
Although, I should have got a towel, because you need it for some of the Furitsuke. Actually, the Furitsuke was something I'd been worried about, as I hadn't learned them beforehand, but they were quite easy to pick up so it was ok :) There was also a box near the entrance of Akaso for letters and presents (I was too scared to write a letter and I regret it dearly).

There were lockers at Akaso, but not that many, so I stashed all my bag and stuff in a coin locker at Osaka Station. You had to buy a drink ticket on the door for 500 yen (I think this is pretty common) so before the live started, I grabbed a lil dutch courage, downed it and secured my place in the crowd.
It was a small-ish venue so I had a good view :)
Unfortunately, taking photos isn't allowed in Japanese gigs, so I have no pictures of the boys. So sad. 

When SuG came onstage, something inside me honestyly just broke. I was so happy, I couldn't stop crying. Sorry for being lame, ahahah. SuG played so many songs! And quite a lot of their new stuff too, which was awesome~

Song list

Gimme Gimme
Fukanzen Beautyfool Days
Jun Fujun Isei Kouryuu
Teenage Dream
Smells Like Virgin Spirit
Sakura Ame
Dead or Dead
Teenage Dream
Mugen Styles
Toki Doki Sutekina Kono Sekai
Cry Out

I'm pretty sure that was it, but I can't find it online so I'm not 100%- they might have played even more songs than that!

Also in the breaks, Takeru was talking about things like how the Osaka crowd were louder than usual, and how he felt 'we could understand each others' feelings' which didn't help my poor heart.

There was also a handshake meet afterwards, I'd got a ticket for the meet when I bought Virgin
It was quick, and the security were literally pushing us along, which was so sad, but I got to say thank you to everyone... Embarrassingly, I was still absolutely crying my eyes out, but I told them to come to come to the UK again <3 (they came in December 2015 while I was in Japan... typical...)

Also can I just reiterate: I TOUCHED THE ACTUAL MEMBERS OF SUG!!
I think Yuji gave the best handshake, but they all like actually squeezed my hand and looked me in the eye and like they actually appreciated us coming. And I got to speak to Takeru-Sama! (My first love. hehe).

This gig meant so much to me guys... I never thought I'd be able to see SuG when I first started liking them way back when. But I did! In Japan~ It's made me more determined to go to more gigs next year! Come on, me! I know the amazing Crossfaith are going to be back in the UK next year, and I'm determined to get to see them again (I saw them in first year but I don't think I blogged about it).
This picture accurately represents me after the gig walking through Umeda crying my eyes out...

If you don't know SuG, check out their latest video "Kill Kill" :)
Also, if you ever get the chance to go to a SuG gig, DEFINITELY go omg! I'm ordering their latest Album, Shaddup,  for a sneaky Christmas present to myself and I couldn't be more excited~

Thanks for reading! What bands do you guys like? If you have any recommendations, let me know :3
-Amy xoxo

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