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Monday 12 December 2016

Silver toners reviewed: Wella T18 versus Colour Freedom's white blonde

Silver toners reviewed: Wella T18 versus Colour Freedom's white blonde

In my hair update post a few days ago, I told y'all how yellow my roots had gone, and that I was going pink for a little bit to hide the contrast... Well, I really liked the pink on me, but I wanted to have silver hair for the Christmas party I had the other week. I don't usually use silver toners in my hair- I just leave in my regular silver shampoo (Bleach London) in my hair for a few more minutes when I want to get it more silvery. But this time my roots were quite yellow, so I decided to try out some toners.I thought I'd do a mini review on the two different toners I used: Wella's T18  and Colour Freedom's white blonde toner. I know it's not entirely fair to compare these two products- they are completely different- one is professional and permanent, and the other is non permanent and designed for use at home. Still, I thought that reviewing them might be useful, so here goes!

Colour Freedom White blonde

This toner is the one I bought first, as it's easily available from Superdrug. It's non permanent, smells pretty nice and is really moisturising. It made my hair feel absolutely amazing. At £7 for 150ml, it's easily the cheaper option too. You don't need a developer and I got two uses out of it. However, although it toned the lengths of my hair fairly well, it wasn't that good at at tackling the dark yellow patches in my roots, even when I used clarifying shampoo beforehand and left it on for the full 30 minutes. I'd advise using this only on really pale blonde hair.


Colour Freedom White Blonde toner result
You can see it didn't make that much of a difference, but it did tone the lengths of my hair a little. Unfortunately, it was the roots I really wanted to tone...

Wella T18 Lightest Ash Blonde 

This one is a permanent toner, and it is a professional product, so it's more expensive and more difficult to get your hands on. The bottle mine came is was teeny- £5.82 for 42ml- and there was only enough for one whole head application, or maybe two if you were just doing the roots. Definitely use a different brand of developer- the Wella one was £8 on amazon (!). I think it is more damaging on your hair than a temporary colour like Colour Freedom, but I conditioned my hair after I toned it and it feels ok. I'm not going to mince my words here, it smells disgusting! It did tone my roots better though :I left it on for almost the full 30 minutes, and they were almost totally silver. If you're just trying to tone your hair white, or if your roots are less yellow then I'd leave the colour on for less time though. Obviously my roots are still darker than the rest of my hair, but at least they were silvery- toned. Even though it is a permanent toner, after a couple of washes (using Lush's Daddy O silver shampoo) I do kind of feel like it's washing out from my roots a bit. I think it's common for even permanent grey colours to fade easily, but I'm kind of sad considering that this one was quite pricey. Lastly, I want to say that I am not a hair dresser and please don't use professional products like this if you're not experienced with colouring your hair! They are not idiot- proof, so please be careful ok :)

My hair was this pastel pink before:

And this was what my hair looked like after I'd toned it.
Wella T18 toner result

Wella T18 toner result
Most of my hair was this lovely silvery lilac colour, but some of the roots were just too dark yellow to take to even the Wella toner.

Since then, I've just been washing my hair with my usual Bleach London Silver Shampoo, and it's looking like this lately:
Silver toners reviewed

Silver toners reviewed

Silver toners reviewed

So honestly, a cheaper way to get my roots looking better might have been to just wait it out and keep shampooing my hair with silver shampoo.

Next time I bleach my roots, I'm going to make sure I get them light enough first, and then I want to try Colour Freedom's permanent silver toner, or Bleach London's white toner. Also Schwarzkopf's Blond Me has some products which bleach and tone your hair at the same time, which sounds pretty good.

Do you guys have any silver toner product recommendations?
Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo

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