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Sunday 15 January 2017

Life lately// Plants, Exams and Christmas

It feels like forever since I did an actual catch up-style post. I used to do monthly summaries last year, but this year has just been a mess of studying so I'd got out of the habit I guess. So anyway, I went home and saw all my family again for Christmas <3 Christmas was extra special this year because last year I spent it in Japan, without my family! Apart from eating tonnes of food, we met up with our cousins for a coastal walk(!) on boxing day, saw the Christmas lights in London, and went up to Nottingham to see the pantomime. I also went out for aesthetically pleasing tea. 

 Proper Christmas dinner! So tasty <3

And here's a little look at what I got for Christmas! I was so spoiled this year <3

My plants are growing!//
Plants are making me really happy this year. I re potted the big tiger aloe (right) and the long cactus (left) at home, and I also gave the flaming Katy (centre) a huuuuge trim. I took some of the cuttings and the Tiger Aloe's pups to uni and planted them, and they're growing pretty nicely, i.e. they haven't all died yet.

I want to buy a couple more plants, and a couple more bits for my uni room and then maybe I'll do a room tour/plant tour? Idk. Anyway, I like plants.

I treated myself to some some tulips the other day (they're my favourite flower) <3
The splash of red really cheers me up :)

I went back to uni and finally saw my flatmates and my boyfriend again <3 I really want to meet up with all my friends, but exam time is a bit lonely because everyone's studying and no one has time to meet up *cue violin*.

I also cut my fringe v short //
It doesn't seem like a huge difference, but it makes me feel kind of exposed somehow... what do you guys think?

Exams// And the last thing I've been up to lately is exams. Here in the UK  (or at least in my uni) exam season is after Christmas, so you have the holidays to get some revision done. I'm half way through now, so wish me luck!

How are you guys lately? If you're sitting exams, best of luck!! <3 <3
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

Kawaii animal doughnuts and hanging out in Osaka// Gero Hachiman Gassho mura, Inyuama Castle and Sankou Inari Jinja//  My first empties post: hair dye and Japanese makeup

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