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Friday 6 January 2017

My first empties post: hair dye and Japanese makeup

I don't know about you guys, but I absolutely love empties posts. Normally I'm pretty good with not hoarding makeup and beauty products- I usually go for a one in one out approach. Buuut, lately I've been trying out a few new products, especially hair dye and silver shampoo (I have 5 different bottles of shampoo on my shelf at the moment.... send help) I want to try more products, but I like the idea of minimalism and I don't want to become a hoarder, so I'm trying to get things back down to a more reasonable level. Using things up is pretty satisfying, too! Anyway, here are my empties from the last few months:

Silver hair empties

Pro:voke Touch of silver shampoo//
This is one of the cheapest silver shampoos I've tried at £3.99. It's definitely not as pigmented as my usual Bleach London, but if you are just looking to keep blonde hair from looking brassy, (I actually want my hair to go silver) I think this does a great job. It lathers up nicely and definitely made my hair feel clean, although the thin formula means that you tend to use it up quite quickly, as there is only 150ml of it. I think I'll try some different silver shampoos before picking this up again though.

Bleach London's violet skies//
This dye only last a couple of weeks and faded out very quickly, this was what I'd wanted when I picked it in case I hated having purple hair. As it happened, I really liked the purple. Also this didn't stain my hair green afterwards, which was the thing I'd been most worried about. If I'm looking for a short term hair update, I'd definitely go with this.I did a whole post on this the other month, so check it out if you're interested: Bleach London's Violet Skies: Mini Review and Hair Update

Dolly Wink black eyeliner// Sailor Moon black eyeliner// (both bought in Japan)
My babies! I miss Japanese makeup soooo much already, I wish I'd filled a suitcase full. I did find the Dolly Wink one on amazon and the Sailor Moon one on for about £12 each, so I'll definitely be repurchasing one or both these. Having a brush pen liner makes doing winged liner so much easier for me, and as these are still cheaper than the Kat Von D tattoo liner, I think I'll stick to what I know works. I also reviewed both of these: Japanese Brush Pen Eyeliners: Dolly Wink VS Sailor Moon

Revlon Colorstay Pressed powder// (bought in Japan)
This was quite expensive at (1800 yen) compared to the Fasio powder I'd used before (the refill was around 400 yen), but it was a pretty good powder. It had a little bit of coverage and was pale enough to match my skin tone. It did stick to some dry patches on my skin though. I don't think this shade (translucent) is available in the UK so I'll stick with the soap and glory powder I mentioned in my haul post the other day, but I would get another Revlon powder because this one was pretty nice.

Eyebrow pencil in Natural Brown// I don't know which brand this was, as it's a few years old, but it was from Boots and it was probably something pretty cheap. It was pretty good, and if I knew what it was I'd probably repurchase. For now I'm just using a brown eyeliner pencil (it's hello kitty and possibly meant for two year olds, but ssssh it'll do), but I think I'll buy myself a new actual eyebrow pencil soon.

Majolica Majorca Jewelling Pencil in Pearl Oyster//  (bought in Japan) this shimmery eye pencil is everything I wanted for my waterline and inner corner highlight- it's so cute! But it's like £8 to get it on yesstyle so I don't know if I'll buy it again any time soon. If I had a little more money I'd buy it in a heartbeat though! I also want to try out the Etude House tear eyeliner or the NYX eyeliner pencil in sparkly white as they are also sparkly and cute.


Primark perfume in Flora Exotica// Considering this perfume was only £6, I think it was not bad tbh... but I still like my Guerlain Little Black Dress more, obvs. I bought this one on a whim because LBD is more expensive so I thought I'd try a cheaper one for every day. This one smells a bit too strong at first, but it kind of settles down after a while. That being said, I've been trying to use this one up and I'm probably going to stick with Little Black Dress after this for now- it makes me happy every time I wear it

Miss Sporty Nail Expert Base and Top Coat// This has lasted me for a couple of years. I don't normally bother with it as a top coat, but it's been a good base coat- it's cheap but it's done it's job and my nails never got stained. I think it's about £2, so it's definitely something I'd repurchase.

I've also used up Colour Freedom's Misty Grey dye, the white blonde toner, and the Wella T18 toner, which I've also reviewed: Silver toners reviewed: Wella vs colour Freedom // Colour Freedom Misty Grey review and before and after. I think my favourite was actually the Misty Grey, although I definitely want to look into trying something a little darker from Colour Freedom soon.

No7 dramatic lift mascara// This was a pretty good mascara, I liked the curved brush as it really picked up all my lashes. At £13.50 it was a little more than my usual Maybelline, but it wasn't too bad - it lasted about 6 months (which is all you can keep mascara for anyway) and made my lashes look pretty nice. I got a different No7 mascara called Midnight Lash for Christmas (thanks Mum <3) which is also pretty fancy.

Kate Tokyo CC lip cream in pink trick// This is a tinted lip balm which was the perfect every day pink for me. I also had another shade in Mode Pink which was darker and left a weird stain on my lips, but this one always worked super well for me. It was really affordable too! I don't know what to replace this with, actually. I talked about these more in my year abroad makeup collection and my Kate Tokyo mini review posts.

Schwarzkopf absolute platinum 00B// I don't think I left it on long enough, but I usually really like Schwarzkopf's package bleach. At uni I have a bucket of bleach powder and a big bottle of toner (better value for money) but if I'm at home and need to do my roots I'll either pick up Schwarzkopf's 00A, this, or Bleach London's Total Bleach kit. Next time I'm picking up bleach in a hurry, I think I'll try the 00A next time as it seems a little more icy.

Thanks for reading! Do you like reading empties posts? Should I do another one in a few months?
 -Amy xoxo

My minimal year abroad makeup collection//  Colour Freedom Misty Grey review and before and after// Silver toners reviewed: Wella T18 vs Colour Freedom's white blonde// Bleach London's Violet Skies: mini review and hair update

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