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Sunday 1 January 2017

New Year's Resolutions 2017

New Year's Resolutions 2017

Happy New Year, guys! I've already written about whether or not I achieved my resolutions for 2016, and my blogging goals for 2017, so today's post is going to be my personal resolutions for 2017. I don't want to stress myself out with too many resolutions, so a few of these are more about finding the time to do things that make me happy this year.

Travel more// I want to get to Europe definitely, and at least start planning going back to Japan. I'm really starting to miss it. Also (more realistically) I want to get to Edinburgh- it's been on my bucket list for ages now.

Get a job// at least a part time job or internship. I need something to keep me busy over summer.

Save money and be more intentional with how I spend it//  I think I'm getting a little better at this recently, but I want to stop impulse shopping for things like clothes and food, and only buy things I really like.

Get good grades this year in uni// I want to get out of my studying rut and be a bit more efficient as well.

Don't kill any plants!// I think I'm going to buy a couple more plants, and also want to try growing an avocado plant.

Read more// and by this, I really mean read for fun more. I read plenty for uni, but I want to make sure that I build in some books too. I also want to be more intentional with how much social media I consume, and only follow things which inspire me, not things that bring me down. I want to read more in Japanese too. I'm going to try for one book a month, at least!^^

Practise and learn new skills// I really want to prioritise fun things like baking, photography and practising guitar, and I also want to learn new ones like photo editing.

Keep up self care// things like maintaining a regular sleep schedule and drinking enough water make all the difference.

Keep up my blog// like I mentioned in my blogging goals post, I want to make my blog better with regular content and keep improving with things like photography.

Stop putting things off and being afraid// 2016 has been a year of anxiety for me, so it's led to me shying away from putting myself out there. taking opportunities and going and seeing people. It's a vicious cycle, so I want to try and get things done quickly, before I can talk myself out of them. I wanna be more spontaneous and do things that make me happy :) I also don't want to let some negative people's opinions affect me any more.

Have you guys got any New Year's resolutions? I hope y'all have an amazing 2017 <3 <3
-Amy xoxo

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