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Wednesday 22 March 2017

Empties post #2 nail varnish and hair products

Back with another empties post! This post has a lot of nail varnish in because I'm trying to streamline my makeup and use up all of my old nail varnishes. (some of them are actually like 7 years old, whoops...) I think I've done fairly well! I've told myself I can't buy a new nail varnish until I've used up all the ones that are over 3 years old, so I'm working hard, haha.
Hello Kitty Brown Eyeliner// This was part of a set and came in the cutest packaging ever omg. As an eyeliner it was a little hard and dragged on my eyes, so I decided to use it to fill in my eyebrows and it worked pretty well. It was quite creamy compared to an actual eyebrow pencil so I used it up fairly quickly. It's stuck in the lid now so I think it's time to say goodbye to this one though.

PS... Quick Dry Nail Polish in 05 Purple// I bought this in Primark a couple of years ago and considering it was only about 60p, I'm dead impressed with it. It was a pretty colour and dried quickly (although maybe not quite the 60 seconds it claims, it definitely dried in a few minutes) and only needed a couple of coats. It did thicken over time though- it was really thin and needed about 4 coats when I first used it. Because it was quite small, I actually managed to use it up, go me.

17 Fast finish Nail Polish in Go Go// I had to thin this out with a little nail varnish remover, but it's still a cute colour. It wasn't the best finish though and application was quite uneven and streaky (but that might just be because it's old as heck) I tried thinning this out with nail varnish remover, but I couldn't bring myself to finish it because it still looked terrible.

Collection hot looks fast dry in 41 Swizzler// This one was a present from my aunt and it is the perfect hot pink. I'm pretty sure they don't sell this any more, but if they did I would totally repurchase because it actually did dry quickly and only needed a couple of coats.

Opia nail varnish// This one is super old too, but it lasted really well and application was still quite nice. It's this gorgeous burgundy shimmer, so I used this one until it ran out. Ofc this one probably hasn't been sold in years too.

Nails Inc glitter nail polish// This was a really pretty (and very glittery) polish so I'm pretty sad to see it go. It was part of a set and in a teeny bottle so I got through it really quickly. Nails Inc isn't cheap so I probably won't buy any more any time soon, but it had a lot of glitter in it so you didn't need too many coats, which is rare in a glitter nail polish I think. Maybe it was worth shelling out for a more expensive glitter one.

Barry M Nail paint in 161// This was one of the oldest nail varnishes I own- I actually got it free with Shout magazine back in the day. (told you it was old) The colour is absolutely gorgeous! If it was still around I'd definitely repurchase because this has been a long time favourite. Bonus points for application still being pretty good even though it's so old.

Tressemé damage repair conditioner// I feel like I always talk about it, but I go through tonnes of this conditioner. It makes my hair feel really good (smooth and less tangly) and it's fairly cheap so it's a definite repurchase. I also use this to dilute hair dyes because again, it's cheap so it's ok to use a lot of it.

Tressemé Heat Defence styling spray// this has lasted me ages, but it's finally run out :( I loved using this- it smells nice, the actual pump spray works really well- it makes quite a fine mist. It is also quite lightweight and doesn't make my hair feel greasy. Also, it protects my hair and it stops it falling out. I've already repurchased this one, too.

Thanks for reading! Do you like reading empties posts? How do you keep your nail varnish collection under control?

-Amy xoxo

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