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Thursday 30 March 2017

New in beauty: repurchases and essentials

New in beauty

This collective haul is just a few beauty essentials I picked up lately. Most of them are 'maintenance' type products that I picked up as a repurchase and have loved for years, and then there are some new, more exciting picks too.

Rimmel London eyebrow pencil in dark brown// I picked up this eyebrow pencil from Rimmel, but I think it's a bit too warm for my brows. (My eyebrows are almost black tbh so the colour really shows up) Luckily, my eyebrows are quite thick and don't need too much attention (apart from plucking them). I'm ok with this and it was nice and cheap, but I think I should have shopped around for a shade that was more cool-toned.

hair products and makeup collective haul

Nivea Creme// I wanted a good effective body cream, and this one was on offer for £2 and it's supposed to be really good so I gave it a try :) it is very thick and you only need a little, but I think it's a pretty good moisturiser so far.

Tressemé heat defence styling spray// I mentioned I'd repurchased this already in my empties post last week. This is a repurchase, because this spray does its job without making my hair greasy or weighing it down, and it smells really nice too. The spray actually sprays properly and makes a fine mist, which is really good.

Tressemé Colour vibrance protection conditioner// I don't even know how many of these I've got through, but it's cheap and makes my hair smooth and is great for diluting hair dye.

Barry M speedy quick dry nail paint in 650 Sprint Finish// I love this colour so much! It was the perfect replacement for my burgundy one which I just ran out. I think it's a little more autumn/winter, but I love the colour, so whatever :) The finish is glossy like the last Barry M quick dry I bought (Pit Stop), but I think the finish suits this colour waaay better. 

Bleach London Silver Shampoo// Another repurchase for me, this is the third (?) one of these I think I've bought. You've heard this from me before, but I love the fact that it's blue toned rather than pink toned like other silver shampoos I've tried- it makes this shampoo better at tackling yellow build up, I think. 

Rimmel Stay Matte powder in translucent// I mentioned this in my birthday wish list post- I wanted a cheaper alternative to one heck of a blot powder when it runs out. It's translucent, so it should be pale enough for me :)

Hopefully soon I'll have a little splurge in Lush, so stay tuned for a more sparkly haul :)

Thanks for reading! What are your ride or die hair products? Also, anyone got any pale girl pressed powder recommendations?
-Amy xoxo

Birthday wish list// Empties #2// DIY silver shampoo

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