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Monday 19 June 2017

Looking after bleached hair: My hair care routine and favourite products

I'm no hairdresser, but I've been bleaching my hair at home for over 4 years now (and my hair is still on my head!) so I thought I'd share my two cents about bleaching hair and caring for bleached/ damaged hair. So after sharing my bleached hair care routine in Japan last year, here's a post on my favourite products in the UK, and some tips for keeping your hair in fairly good condition.

Avoid heat styling// I can't say I keep to this one, although I've been trying to straighten it less recently. Everyone knows that heat styling is bad for your hair, but if you can't part from your beloved straighteners, then get yourself some...

Heat protection spray// I love Tressemé's heat protect defence styling spray as it smells great, doesn't weigh my hair down or make it greasy aaand it's pretty cheap. It's also quite a sizeable bottle so it's lasted me a while too. Use this every time before straightening or blow drying. 

Argan oil// put it on towel dried hair before you blow dry and it will decrease the time it takes to dry your hair and add moisture. You should only use a little on the ends though, or your hair will feel greasy. It's not too expensive- this bottle was about £10 and it's lasted me years. 

Shampoo and conditioner// This is kind of an obvious one, but get a shampoo and conditioner that's formulated for damaged or colour treated hair. Tressemé colour protect Shampoo and conditioner have been a long time favourite of mine, and although I did eventually find pretty nice hair products in Japan it was such a relief to come back to the Tressemé which I know is just going to work. It makes my hair sooo smooth (and therefore less likely to tangle and break) even though it's pretty damaged and dry after summer. You can pick up Tressemé for £2.50 for 900ml (I think they usually retail at £5 but they are on offer pretty regularly).  Perfect for my cheapskate student ways. As it's pretty cheap, I also use the conditioner to dilute hair dye for a pastel hair look without feeling like I'm washing money down the drain. (Be careful of silicone build up though- use a clarifying shampoo once in a while)

Use a hair mask or deep conditioner// You need to do this about once a week, and definitely straight after bleaching your hair. I've heard good things about Aussie 3 minute miracle, but when I tried it I found it underwhelming. A few good hair masks I've liked are: VO5 give me moistureHerbal essence's bee strong, Bleach London's reincarnation mask (make sure to use this as per directions though). You could also use coconut oil but it's pretty greasy and a bit of a pain to wash out- my recommendation would be to use it before you shampoo.  Another winner for me is the Tressemé Keratin Smooth Treatment Masque (which sometimes goes on offer for just £2!) it does what it says on the tin. 

Dry shampoo// you can't wash your hair every day with bleached hair, you just can't. Batiste is my weapon of choice for this, because it is cheap and does the job. I don't think you're meant to use too much dry shampoo as it can dry your hair out too.

Tangle Teezer or a gentle brush// Bleached hair is prone to snapping more easily, so a good brush is essential. Last year I upgraded to the tangle teezer (check out my tangle teezer review) and I really think it helps prevent breakage in my hair. Be especially careful brushing your hair when it's wet though, as that's when it's most likely to break.

Avoid hairspray, salt spray and back combing your hair// These all dry out/ damage your hair like crazy!

Use a silver shampoo// a purple toned shampoo will keep brassy tones out of your hair. I've tried a few, and am on the hunt for the ultimate silver shampoo, but for now I'm switching between Bleach London and Lee Stafford.

Trim your split ends regularly// Spit ends make your hair tangle and snap off, and if you cut them off quickly they won't carry on splitting. Your hair will thank you for it. Also, if you're cutting your ends by yourself, do grab some actual hairdressing scissors.

Try using semi permanent or vegetable based dyes//  like Lariche's directions. Not all hair dyes are created equal, and while some like directions will leave your hair feeling smooth and lush, others will dry your hair out and damage it even more. Vegetable based or semi permanent dyes don't damage your hair and act more as a conditioner. Bonus points if you mix in a hair mask while you're dying your hair. 

Well there you have it~ I hope this post was useful! Have you got any favourite products I should try? I'd really love to hear people's recommendations!

Happy hair adventures, friends ♪( ´▽`) 

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