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Saturday 24 June 2017

Slam Dunk North 2017!

Slam Dunk North 2017 Don Broco
It's been almost a month since Slam Dunk and it was amazing~ I got sunburned and it was right before some of my exams.... but I'm so glad I went!

My sister Lizzie came up to stay with me the day before, and obvs it was so good seeing her, plus she is my fave gig buddy. On the day before we headed out to Slam Dunk, Lizzie and I met up with my friend Demi for brunch.. I figured we could do with some proper food. We'd planned to take the day quite slowly, and so we headed down to Milennium square a little while before Crossfaith were due to start. The queue to get in was a little long, but we made it in in time!
Slam Dunk North 2017 Crossfaith

The set was waaay too short, and me and Lizzie were further back than I'd have liked, but it was my third time seeing them (and I'd just seen them the month before) so it was ok :) My only gripe (apart from how little time they were given) was that they were playing the Jagermeister stage, but they didn't play Jagerbomb!! It seems like a missed opportunity to me... but all the songs they did play were amazing so I can't complain. They played: System X, Xeno, Monolith, Kill 'em all, Ghost in the mirror (with Caleb from Beartooth), their cover of Omen and countdown to hell. Tama from New Breed (guitar support) is really good too :) Seriously, if you've never experienced Crossfaith live, they are mad and I can't recommend them more. You can bet I'll be seeing them again <3

Bury Tomorrow//
Bury tomorrow put on a good show like last time I saw them, I don't know them super well but after seeing them at Leeds uni the month before I was happy to see them again! After bury tomorrow, we had a little chill, we sat down a little ways away from the main stage and chatted with We are the Ocean in the background. We planned to see Reel Big Fish, but when we went over to the arena it was at capacity so we went back to see...

Deaf Havana// 
I don't know many of their songs, but I was really happy to see them :) We got there about halfway through, but the songs we caught were really good. I'm going to have to listen to them more I think :) We'd managed to get quite close to the stage, so after Deaf Havana were finished we stayed right where we were for...
Slam Dunk North 2017 Don Broco

Don Broco//
 Broco and Crossfaith were the bands I was most looking forward to- but I'd never seen Broco live before. I've been really into their music recently so I was so hyped up for it and they did not disappoint! <3 <3 They played so many songs I loove, including Fire and THUG WORKOUT YESSS! (If you haven't seen the music video, it's an absolute gem- it's pretty old and its basically them looking well 'ard playing in a play park and in a teeny car :)))
They played: Everybody, You Wanna Know, Automatic, What You Do To Me, Fire, Whole Truth, Hold On, Superlove, Thug Workout, Nerve, Priorities, Money Power Fame, and then their latest single, Pretty. They were so good, and I'm really excited that Rob said they were writing new music!!! Me and Lizzie are gonna see them again at Alexandra Palace in November :D
Slam Dunk North 2017 Neck Deep

Neck Deep//
Last but not least, we went to see Neck Deep, who were really fun! Neck Deep are just solid, and it was a really good end to the day. They played a tonne of their super catchy songs, including my faves Gold Steps, Kali Ma, December, Lime Street and Can't Kick Up The Roots. I also really enjoyed new song "where do we go when we go" which has basically been on on repeat since I got back. Side note: I also really loved Neck Deep's band shirts- they had some really snarky ones that said "Neck Deep: generic pop punk" and ones that were like "Fuck Neck Deep mate they're shit" which made me laugh. I'm excited for their new album out in august!

What I wore//
I added a little pink tint to my hair, and wore my fave old crossfaith shirt (ofc) with my sukajan, my new levi's shorts, fishnets and DMs. It was comfy and basically perfect, although I wish I'd done some cute space buns or glitter roots or something.

I also bought the Slam Dunk Tshirt.... of course!

Although the clashes were real (there were eight stages!! and the angst about missing Enter Shikari and Bowling for soup was intense) I had a great time and I'm dead happy with the bands I got to see. As I'm still gonna be in Leeds you can bet I'll be going to SDF North next year too!

See you at Slam Dunk North 2018!!
-Amy xoxo

Bury Tomorrow and Crossfaith @ LUU Stylus// Current favourites Summer 2017// Grungy summer style//  

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