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Sunday 16 July 2017

Current favourites July 2017// Bluebird Tea co., Lush etc

Current favourites

Another favourites post coming at you today. I've been a little obsessed with fancy tea lately, which means I've got a lot of tea related items in this months' favourites. I have a couple of beauty items and the cutest book too, so if you like things which taste yummy and look adorable, I think I've got a couple of things you'll love this month!

Current favourites

Bluebird tea co's new summer teas// I am still doing Bluebird Tea co's monthly tea club subscription, and although it's a leetle on the pricy side, their teas are so yummy! The subscription is something that genuinely makes me happy, and I haven't had a tea I didn't like so far- they have all been so original and tasted amazing! This month's offerings were "G+ Tea", a (wait for it) G and T inspired tea,  Raspberry Russian- a yummy rooibos, hibiscus and berry concoction- and "Bramble Ramble" which is blackberry and raspberry flavoured. I am a sucker for a good (bad) pun, and these teas tasted and smelt amazing, plus they really make me feel summery <3 A+ from me.

July 2017 favouritesGlass teapot and cups// This teapot and cups from John Lewis are so cute, and it's really encouraged me to drink loose leaf tea while I'm at home- makes everything seem a little more luxurious. Unfortunately, clumsy as I am, I've managed to break the inside filter section that came with the teapot (it was thin glass), but I think T2 (and probably John Lewis as well) sells sturdier metal filters I can replace it with. For now I am using it with my mum's cute tea strainer.

July 2017 favourites's dry shampoo round up// I was contacted by the lovely Jacqueline from to let me know about their post on the Best Dry Shampoo. looks at loads of reviews from beauty blogs and industry insiders, as well as road testing a lot of products themselves, and combines it into a dense and informative round up. I was really impressed, and as someone who doesn't have money to waste on products that don't suit my needs, I'll definitely be checking out for an unbiased opinion. Keep in mind that it's an American site, so not all the products featured will be easy to get hold of for those of us over here in Europe. However, my usual dry shampoo, Batiste, was their pick for "best drugstore dry shampoo", and that's something that's definitely easy to find here in the UK. But if you're not a cheapskate like me, they had plenty of other options to recommend too. (Not spon, I thought their site was interesting so I'd share it with y'all)

current favourites july

Lush's charity pot hand and body lotion// I picked up this little pot a couple of months ago in my Leeds collective haul, and after I'd used up a couple of other older moisturisers I had, this one finally made it onto my bedside table. I've been really enjoying it and I'm nearly out already. It's a pretty rich moisturiser, so I can use it for my super dry hands and my body, and it smells divine. Definitely going to try another of Lush's body lotions, and I'll definitely be picking this one up again at some point.

peperomia and art current favourites

My new peperomia plant and print from veg out// as my insta pals will know, I visited the veg out pop up veggie/vegan cafe in Leeds earlier this month, and I couldn't resist picking up a new little pal from the undergrowth, as well as the cutest print from bobbi rae. I can't get over either of them!

current favourites

Collection Long Lasting Nail Effects 28 Matte off // I mentioned in a haul post ages ago that I loved the colour of Barry M's quick drying nail varnish in Pit Stop, but that the super-shiny finish didn't really do it for me. This top coat made the whole thing look a touch more glam and gave a nail varnish I didn't really love a whole new lease of life.

T2 Oolong Berry tea// This was a pricy tea, (pricier than other T2 teas I've had I think) but it smells and tastes really good! It's another super summery tea, and it tastes great hot or as iced tea. Also, the shop assistant in T2 said you can re brew it up to 3 times, something I've definitely been doing to get my moneys worth!

current favourites

I <3 Macarons by Hisako Ogita// I'm not sure if I've mentioned it on the blog before, but I love to bake, and I picked this book up so that I could continue in my quest to bake cute macarons at home. Apart from being full of gorgeous photography and looking great on my shelf, it has pretty detailed and helpful instructions, including recipes for the leftover egg yolks after you've baked macarons- the creme brulee one was pretty good. I tried out the chocolate macaron recipe with milk chocolate ganache for a filling, and although I'm not quite there on making them perfectly formed, they tasted amazing! Definitely an incentive to keep practising.


Thanks for reading! What are you guys loving lately? Also, are you a tea or a coffee person? I love both- I am coffee mad, but I've definitely been on a tea hype over the last couple of weeks....
-Amy xoxo

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