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Monday 10 July 2017

Empties post #5

Back with another empties post! I had so many half full bottles of stuff at home, and I've managed to get through quite a few in my quest for a more minimal beauty shelf. A lot of bath things this time round (because we have a bath at home <3). Also, some of the things this time were gifts that were quite luxe-feeling, so I'm kinda sad to see them go!

Bayliss and Harding Jojoba, silk and almond oil moisturising hand cream// I got this as a gift for Christmas, it came in the cutest little christmas cracker packaging and it smells amazing. I'm sad to see this go, honestly, because I love the scent so much and it is a nice rich cream that moisturises well but sinks in quickly and doesn't leave me feeling too sticky. I'd definitely pick something else up in this scent.

Muji Moisturising Milk for sensitive skin// I featured this moisturiser in my Japanese skincare essentials post, and since this one is perfectly travel sized I've been using it on the go. I like it and it definitely does the job.. If I'm in Japan and stuck for a moisturiser I'd definitely pick this up, especially as it was only 260 yen.

Bleach London Bleach pack// This is one of the bleach packs I'll use if I'm not at uni and can't use my big tub of bleach and developer. It's a little pricier at £7, but I like that it's got a pretty generous tube of the resurrection mask, a tint brush and a little bowl included. Plus I've never had any problems with it lifting my hair to a custard-ish yellow. The mini tube of the resurrection mask is something that I tend to keep around for travel, but I've recently used this one up as well.

Guerlain Little Black Dress perfume// I went through another bottle of my go-to perfume, Guerlain's Little Black Dress. I already have another one ready because I love this scent so much.

Happy Naturals Argan Oil body scrub// This smells soooo lovely, and it made my skin feel really nice too. I'd definitely repurchase something from this range just for the smell, but also because they try and use more natural ingredients- this scrub used pecan shell particles instead of controversial microbeads, for example.

Vintage & co Bath Fizzer Caddy// These were a Christmas present, and they were such a nice thing to recieve: the packaging is gorgeous and the actual bath fizzers smell great and made my bath a gorgeous pink <3 I used three or four little fizzers per bath to make it extra pink.

Champneys Spa indulgence distant shores bubble heaven// this bubble bath was a gift too, and it really does smell heavenly (passion fruit, mango and citrus, which I love) and the bubbles are great too. I have had it for a while, so it was time to use it up, but I am pretty sad to see this go, especially since I'm pretty sure that Champneys have discontinued this range. I'd definitely pick up another bubble bath from them though, "summer dream" sounds equally amazing-smelling.

I love... Mango and Papaya bath and shower creme// This smells all right, if a bit fake chemical-ish, and it's pretty affordable and I've seen it on offer a few times too. But it's a really thin formula so you tend to use a lot and get through it really quickly- I can't help comparing it unfavourably to my shower gels from Lush, especially my all-time fave "beautiful". I think I'll stick to Lush for now to be honest, as even though they are more pricy, they last way longer and make me happy every time I use them.

Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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