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Thursday 3 August 2017

Crazy color lavender// review and before and after

Crazy color lavender: review and before and after

So recently I've tried lavender hair, and I wanted to share my experience using Crazy Color's Lavender hair dye. I have mixed feelings on this dye- it was affordable and looked gorgeous on my silver-toned hair, it also made my hair feel great. Sadly, it is quite a high maintenance look- it washes out almost completely after 2 washes, so you need to top up the colour quite regularly.


I bought it a little while ago, but crazy color is relatively cheap- £5 on amazon for 100ml. I used the whole bottle in a couple of weeks (it's enough for about 4 or 5 dye jobs when diluted with conditioner on my mid length, thin hair)


crazy color lavender before and after
My hair was this washed out silvery-grey, which turned out to be the perfect base for this colour.


crazy color lavender

I put it on my roots straight from the bottle, and for the lengths of my hair I diluted it with a hair mask and added a teeny tiny (maybe half the size of a 5p piece) bit of directions carnation pink for a more pinky look. (but when I re-dyed it the second time I didn't bother adding pink and the colour ended up pretty much the same). I think the application of this turned out a little patchy, but I found the same with Bleach London's violet skies, so maybe purple hair dyes are more likely to do this? After it was in my hair, I left it on for the minimum time (15 minutes) and then washed it out- I'd recommend leaving it in for as long as you can though.


Crazy color lavender review

crazy color lavender before and after

It left my hair feeling pretty nice and conditioned, and it wasn't at all drying, which is a definite bonus, as some other dyes I've tried have left my hair feeling a little dry, even when mixed with a hair mask. As is pretty normal with diluted semi permanent hair dyes, it didn't take to my roots too well. I re dyed it the next time I washed my hair, this time without the carnation pink (although the colour was mostly the same).

Crazy color lavender


 Because I diluted this to a pastel shade, it washed out really quickly, most of it was gone within 2 washes. As such, I've enjoyed using this as a short-term tint for things like Slam Dunk festival. I don't think I have the patience to use this long term though, as it fades so quickly and takes a long time to dye it each time.

Did it stain my hair?//

This is always my biggest worry when trying a new hair dye- I like my hair light silvery-grey a lot of the time, so if I was left with a weird sheen I'd be annoyed. Luckily this seemed to wash out without leaving a residue, and it was pretty much back to silver in 3 washes.

However... I bleached my roots a couple of weeks ago and then I redyed my hair. I've been left with a pink section at the roots and on my fringe, and when I re-dyed the lavender over again, it came out a lot pinker. I'd definitely recommend toning your hair silver or white, or using a lot of silver shampoo beforehand if you want the colour to be cool purple.

Crazy color lavender pink roots

Crazy color lavender pink roots

Depending on the light, it looked really pink. I mean, I got tonnes of compliments on it, but it wasn't really what I was going for.


So overall, a bit of a mixed bag review for this dye. I loooved the colour when I first dyed it, but considering how quickly it washed out and how weirdly pink it seems to have gone, I think I'd try a different brand or a different colour before picking this up again. Although, looking at the pictures of how nice it looked the first time round does make me want to pick up another bottle. If you are going to use this, definitely do it on white or silver toned hair, not on freshly bleached yellow hair and you should get a good result like I did the first time round.
crazy color lavender review

Thanks for reading! I hope this helped. What's your favourite purple hair dye? If you have any recommendations for one which doesn't stain hair green or blue then I'd love to know!
-Amy xoxo

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