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Thursday 10 August 2017

Empties #6: Lush, Tresemmé, happy naturals etc.

Another empties post today- I'm still on a mission to use up all my old half empty beauty and makeup items. I'm not aiming for minimalism zero- stuff perfection, but I am trying to pare down things a little so I don't end up hoarding things until they go off (case in point: 5 year old gloopy nail varnish that is completely unusable.) Anyway, here are the things I've used up in the past month or so :) This month I finished a couple of bits of makeup too, which feels like an achievement.

Tresemmé mask// I've found this on offer for £2 before, and as such, it's great- you can slap loads on, and my hair really does feel smoother after using it. I'd still pay full price, because it's only about £6, but I might shop around to see if there's another mask I like more. Definitely going to stock up next time I see it for £2 though.

Superdrug Coconut Oil// I've heard so many wonderful things about coconut oil on your hair and it does work as a hair mask, but it's greasy as heck and hard to get out of your hair- I usually have to shampoo twice after using this in my hair. I think I'll stick to using 'real' hair products for now. But, I did have a lot of success with using this as a moisturiser- it absorbs quickly and left my skin (especially my legs) feeling so nice! It's pretty cheap for one pot (like £2.50) so for a moisturiser, this was a definite win. Too much effort for me to put on my hair though.

Happy Naturals Argan Oil Body Wash// This came in a set with the body scrub that I mentioned last empties post and a body butter. The whole set has the same amazing smell, and I really enjoyed this! I think it made my skin feel really nice too. I'd definitely pick up something from this range again.

Makki Professional Hair Colouring Mask in Silver// I bought this in a bundle with the grey (which is my favourite grey or silver hair dye I've ever tried)  but honestly, I wasn't as impressed with this. My hair is already quite silver/white from faded out Makki grey, so maybe it isn't that good of a test, but this also didn't do much for my yellowish roots and was a bit drying on my hair. Personally, I'll be sticking to the grey. If you want to read more, check out my review post of Makki Grey: The best grey hair dye?! Makki Professional Hair colouring mask in grey review and before and after

Boots vanilla candle// I forgot to photograph this with the rest of the stuff, but I thought I'd include it anyway. Pretty sure they don't sell this exact candle any more, but it was a gift and had a really nice calming scent. It burnt pretty nicely too. I think I'm gonna use this jar to put a lil plant baby in :)

Lush silky underwear dusting powder// another gift, this one was something I'd definitely not have picked out for myself too. I liked it, it smells amazing and it feels quite decadent, but I think I'd just stick to a normal cream moisturiser because I'm super clumsy and I've managed to spill this a couple of times.

Tresemmé heat defense styling spray (travel size)// I used up the travel sized version I bought of my usual heat protection spray- I keep this one at home. I really like it, but I think I'll refill this from the big bottle I already have because it's better value for money.

Rimmel lasting finish green grass nail varnish// I love the colour of this and it used to have a really good application too, but I'd had it for a good few years so it had got pretty gloopy and streaky. I made it last a little bit longer with some nail varnish remover, but this one was definitely past its best.

Maybelline the magnum volum' express waterproof mascara// I've been using Maybelline mascaras since school, and I love how volumising and lengthening they are, for such a cheap price point too. However, I think I made a mistake getting the waterproof one- it looks amazing, but it doesn't budge from my lashes even with micellar water. I don't have a cleanser strong enough! It was amazing in summer- I could go in the sea with no worries! I was also really grateful of this when I was ill- my eyes always water like mad. But I think it was a little heavy duty for me for every day- I don't wanna be scrubbing at my eyes everyday trying to get it off. I have to get rid of this because I've had it for a little while.

No7 Midnight Lash mascara// This mascara was a gift, and I'm pretty sad it's got to the end of its life. I think I've liked all the No7 mascaras I've tried actually. This one is not too clumpy or has annoying fibres in it, and it made my lashes look long and perky.

Blue sparkly top coat// I don't know where this was from (it was a present <3) but this top coat with blue sparkles in it was super cute.  I added some extra glitter in it so that I could just use it by itself too.

That's it for empties for now. What do you guys think about the whole minimalism trend? I'm totally on board with being more intentional with the things you buy, but sometimes it seems like just another cynical marketing strategy to get us to chuck out all of the things so you have room for more new things (capsule wardrobes, I'm looking at you).... Any thoughts?
-Amy xoxo

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