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Tuesday 29 August 2017

Bleach Berwick Street haul and wishlist

Bleach Berwick street

I finally visited Bleach's Berwick Street salon in Soho the other week. The shop itself has just been redone, and Bleach's second line of products had just been launched, so I couldn't get there fast enough! I didn't get many pictures of inside, (because I'd feel like a creep taking pictures while people were getting their hair done) but it's really stylish- black with huge mirrors and a couple of cute plants with all their products lined up at the front. I think I was pretty restrained and I only bought a few things, but they're super cool and I already have a tonne of other things I want to buy, so there's a lil wishlist here too.
Fade to Grey Toner// This was definitely top of my list, as it's the first specifically grey product from Bleach. I'm so excited to try this! If it's as gorgeous as it looks on the model in the packaging, it should be a winner. The guy in the shop said it is a really nice colour, so I have high hopes! Also, somehow I was expecting all of the Bleach staff to be ice-cool hipsters, but the guy who rang up my items was so friendly. Yay for nice shop staff!! I'm definitely going to do a review post on this grey toner when I try it, so stay tuned!

Bleach Berwick street haulSmoky Shampoo// like Bleach's Silver Shampoo, (which as I'm sure regular readers will know, is my bae) this is a super pigmented shampoo. It's another new product, and it's a gorgeous deep purple rather than the more blue toned silver shampoo, which makes it less clean and silver and a bit more, well, smoky. I used it on holiday and it's a really nice shampoo, but it doesn't lather amazingly so I sometimes mix it with a regular white shampoo for more bubbles and a more 'squeaky clean' feel.

Reincarnation mask// The design on the cardboard box of this has been updated, but I'm glad the silver tube is the same because I looove how stylish and sleek it looks. Apart from the bomb packaging, I repurchased this because it's a super rich hair mask- you don't need a lot of it each time which means it lasts a long time too. You do need to wash it out properly as it's so creamy, but if you rinse well it leaves your hair super soft.


  • A haircut!!!! One day I'll treat myself to a super swanky super expensive haircut so the pros at Bleach can sort out the mess that is what used to be my side fringe. (Does anyone remember the side fringe days??)
  • A build your own palette, along with an eye shadow in reddish brown and one of their amazing looking glitters
  • Makeup brushes- I don't have too many makeup brushes, and Bleach's sleek silver ones look amazing and aren't too expensive either.
  • The Bleach zine- Bleach's social media and branding is always gorgeous, so I'd love to get their zine for inspiration.
  • Lip Kit- I wanna try it in a cool colour like purple <3
  • Hair serum (I might just stick to argan oil but I am curious about this)
  • Alex Plex
I could easily spend hundreds of pounds in Bleach, seriously. I love that their newest line is vegan, cruelty free and they emphasise sustainability as well as being super on trend. I follow their instagram (@bleachlondon) and it is so inspiring and seriously envy inducing.  For real though, one day I will get a haircut from there. But I'm glad they have some DIY stuff for in the meantime! Check out they ship internationally now too!

Have you tried anything from Bleach London?
-Amy xoxo

(p.s. this is not #spon, I just appreciate Bleach's aesthetic, like, a lot)

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