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Tuesday 2 January 2018

Radio Silence// Life lately

coffee and cake

So things have been a bit quiet round here on the blog, and that's basically because final year of university is slightly a nightmare.

My uni course plus dissertation stress, plus job hunting and *what do I do with my life* existential crises, and wanting to enjoy my last year of student life but feeling guilty if I do anything except studying has left me really anxious and burnt out. Ugh.

So sorry for not posting lately. I definitely left it too long- I normally post every week at least, and because I was away for so long it left me a bit nervous about starting back again. I did really miss it though. I'm happy to report that I've got some new blog content lined up: my hair dye reviews were pretty successful last year, so I hope to make some more of those (and did I ever mention that the how to dye your hair grey video I did on a whim has somehow got 2.2k views on youtube?!! Crazy.) I've got some other ideas for posts, and I definitely am going to carry on working on my photography too. I also really want to start making some Japanese content (but I'll talk blog goals and new years' resolutions in another post soon).

Although there's been radio silence over here on the blog, I have been out to Leeds a little: I've tried a couple of new coffee shops (and I'm planning to do a little roundup post on the blog soon) and seen friends :) I've also been back home for the Christmas holidays and it's been really nice to spend some more time with the family.

But anyway, enough about me, how are you guys? I hope you all had a successful and happy 2017, and have a great year in 2018!!! <3

Also if you wanna stay up to date, (at least if you want selfies and pictures of what tea or coffee I'm drinking...) make sure to follow me on instagram @candyflossoverkill

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  1. Hope the last of your course doesn't get too stressful for you, and I'm looking forward to reading your new posts! Happy New Year! x

    1. Thanks! I think the worst is over.... at least I hope so. Happy new year to you too <3


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