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Saturday 6 January 2018

Hair update: Barely there pink with DIY pink shampoo

finnDIY pink shampoo resultWhenever I have pink hair I miss my grey hair, and whenever I have grey I miss the pink. So for the Christmas holidays this year I decided to go somewhere in between. This time I decided to try making a pink toned shampoo instead of just diluting the dye with conditioner like I would usually do. The result was this super pale pink- it will definitely fade out of my hair in time for an upcoming job interview, but if you're after a brighter and longer lasting colour then the normal dye plus conditioner method is probably a better bet.

In Japan, I used to make my own DIY silver shampoo, and this was basically the same method: mixing hair dye with white shampoo. Very simple. 

You will need: 

White shampoo
Pink hair dye
Mixing bowl/ container 

Add small amounts of pink hair dye (I think I used just over a teaspoon's worth in the end) until the shampoo is a bright pink. Then wash your hair, using the pink shampoo instead of a regular shampoo. If you want the colour to take a bit more, try leaving it for a bit longer. And then rinse and condition as usual. Simple.

Although the result of this is suuuper subtle compared to using Carnation Pink in conditioner, I really liked it- it satisfied my pink craving for a while and went over my silver hair really nicely. And no stains :)

Thanks for reading! 
Have you ever tried pink shampoo? Or tried making your own? 
-Amy xoxo


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