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Sunday 11 March 2018

Bleach London Fade to grey VS Makki colouring mask in grey VS Schwarzkopf 098 Steel Silver: which is the best grey hair dye?

girl with grey hair wearing headphones and vintage jumper
Recently, a few people have asked me which grey hair dye I recommend more: Bleach London's Fade to Grey or Makki's Colouring mask in grey. So, in today's post I'm going to round up the pros and cons of both, plus the Schwarzkopf Live 098 in Steel Silver, to help decide which one you should try!

Makki Professional Colouring mask in grey//

girl with grey hair dyed with Makki professional hair colouring mask Grey
+ You can dilute it with conditioner so can make it as light or dark as you want
Application can be patchy if you aren't careful
+ Covers yellow roots pretty well
+ One 200ml tube (£15) will last you a few dye jobs
+ Fades within a few washes to a nice silver white
+ For best results make sure hair is pale yellow/white to start
-  Hair feels noticeably worse after dying it- it's quite drying
-  (also for those wondering, don't bother with Makki silver, I used it on white hair and barely noticed any difference apart from that my hair was dryer)

Bleach London Fade to Grey//

Girl with grey hair dyed with Bleach London Fade to Grey grey toner

- It's £9 for a one- use toner, (although I have pretty thin hair, so people with long or thick hair might need two packs) so it is more expensive
+ Includes a mini resurrection mask sachet
+ Liquid formula and comes with a squeezy bottle which makes application quite easy and even
Covers yellow roots pretty well.
+ Fades within a few washes- faded to a nice silver-white
+ For best results make sure hair is pale yellow/white to start
+ Hair feels noticeably smoother after dying it

Schwarzkopf live 098 Steel Silver//

Girl with grey hair dyed with Schwarzkopf Live Steel Silver 098

+ Pretty colour
-  performed the worst in terms of longevity- yellow roots started to show after only one wash
One 50ml tube (£6.50) did me two dye jobs (although I have pretty thin hair, so people with long or thick hair might need two packs)
It's a thick paste so hard to apply evenly
+ Comes with the Schwarzkopf conditioner which leaves your hair feeling really soft
This one is semi-permanent so if you're going for Schwarzkopf it might be worth trying the permanent version- grey fades out quickly so I'm sure the permanent one will wash out too


I still use Makki Fade to Grey, but at the moment I think if I had the money, I might go back to Bleach London- the colour was really pretty and it just felt nicer on my hair. I wouldn't recommend the Schwarzkopf unless you're someone who washes your hair once a week or so- it washed out so quickly for me. I might try the permanent schwarzkopf though, and if I do I'll definitely do a post on here :)

For maintenance, I use Bleach London's silver shampoo and smoky shampoo in rotation- to make sure my hair doesn't go purple or blue toned. Using silver shampoo keeps my hair at a nice white-grey for a few weeks in between bleaching my roots and dying my hair. I also tend to use a hair mask instead of a conditioner when I wash my hair- at the moment I'm loving Toni and Guy's Damage Repair Mask (I buy it when it's on sale) and Bleach London's Resurrection Mask (one tube lasts aaages).

I hope that helped! Feel free to contact me if you have any hair-related questions, I'm @candyflossoverkill on instagram <3
-Amy xoxo

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  1. Hello! I came by your blog due to my search for grey hair colour (I'm older, and frey already, but need to cover some beige)- thank you for the reviews; I'll most def try the Makki mask! Also/btw, I have a daughter of 22 who's been studying Japanese for some years, and she studied in Chiba around the same time as your Osaka-stay; I could see a resemblance in your styles - so cool! Best of luck, and arigato gozaimasu!

    1. Thank you!! Glad my blog was helpful, and I hope the makki grey works for you!! ♡ Best of luck to you and your daughter ♡♡


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