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Friday 10 June 2016

Manic Panic Virgin snow white toner review and before and after

Manic Panic Snow White toner review and before and after

I've mentioned before that it's hard to buy silver shampoo over here in Japan- imported dyes are super expensive, so I have been mixing my own DIY silver shampoo, which has actually been working out pretty well. But, having a ready made toner seemed so much more sensible, and when I found Manic Panic's Virgin snow on Amazon, I decided to give it a try. It has had some pretty mixed reviews, and I was curious.

I left it on for 30 minutes under a shower cap aaaand.... not much happened.
Here's my hair before:

 and after:

My hair is a little whiter, I'll give it that. However, no one noticed that I'd dyed my hair, so it wasn't a huge effect.  Most importantly, the parts of my hair that I was really hoping it would tone out (the last remnants of the pink and my yellowish roots) stayed almost exactly the same. I also had to use the whole tub- and one tub was expensive here in Japan. Maybe it's cheaper in America?
Here's a before and after of my roots (I need to bleach them, I know)

Manic Panic Virgin snow result

In the end, I'd only recommend it if you're looking to tone already basically white hair. Because for me, it was basically like a super expensive deep conditioner. I personally wouldn't buy it again. I want to try other Manic Panic dyes one day though, because loads of people (like the amazing Zoe London) seem to really like them.

In my opinion, there are way better and cheaper ways to tone your hair: Bleach London silver shampoo/ pro lights silver shampoo-one bottle lasts forever and is half the price of virgin snow.

Or you could just make your own DIY silver shampoo like I'm doing this year :)

I'm curious: have any of you guys tried Virgin Snow? What's your favourite hair dye?



  1. Ah this is such a shame that this didn't work! I really love the L'Oreal silver shampoo, you should try it out! xx

    1. Thanks for the recommendation! I'll definitely try it when I'm back in the UK (^O^)/


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