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Tuesday 7 August 2018

22 things I want to do when I'm 22

silver haired girl under archway in Leeds university wearing souvenir jacket, heels and red dress

Sooo, I've been 22 for a little while, and I thought I'd make one of these goals posts again. This year is gonna be a year of changes- I've graduated and am about to enter the world of work.... eep. I've got a really big exciting change planned, and I promise I'll talk about this soon (long time readers can probably guess where I'm off to) but I'm going to wait until it's all sorted. Anyway, here are my plans for this year!

1 Visit Japan again OMG

This one looks like it's actually going to happen, aaah. I loooove Japan, but can you believe I've only been once, for a year as an exchange student! It's just soo expensive to go that it doesn't seem worth it to go for a couple of weeks, so next time I go it's going to be for a pretty long time.

2 Start a Japanese youtube channel/ make some Japanese language content

This is something I've been meaning to do for aaages, but it's a bit scary.

3 Graduate!!

Thankfully, I managed to graduate! I did pretty well in the end :^) It's been really hard at times (especially third and fourth year- reverse culture shock and dissertation/ jobhunting) but I have also loved my time in uni so much. I'm really upset about it to be honest, because I love the heck out of Leeds and Leeds Uni, and I'm so so sad to be leaving.

4 Make another Youtube video 

This is filmed, and I just need to edit it and put it out :) If you haven't already, go check out my Youtube channel- just search for Candyflossoverkill. I've only got two videos out atm, both hair dying tutorials (of course) but there are more coming :)

5 Visit somewhere new in Europe

I haven't been able to travel for a little bit (student budget and all that) but, I think I might be able to squeeze in a cheeky bucket list destination in soon! Expect looots of photos :)

6 Visit Margate or Brighton

I went to Margate with my sister (I'll probably post the pictures on here soonish) and it was soo lovely- we had a chill day of beach, coffee and we even got some culture in at the Turner Museum. I'd love to go back to Brighton soon too, but I'm not sure if I'll have time- this summer is going scarily quickly.

7 Have a BBQ

Gotta have some easily attainable goals on here :) I had a BBQ with longtime pals from secondary school, and it was great. Would v recommend.

8 Get a proper haircut 

another thing I managed to do! I'd been cutting my own hair for like 5 actual years, but when a hairdresser from Sassoon Salon in Leeds offered me a free haircut, I decided to go for it! I got a bob which I never thought I'd do again (after having a disastrous one in secondary school) but I quite like it- my hair is in a lot better condition and it also looks a little more grown up and decisive, somehow.
I got a hair cut (!!!!)

9 Learn how to do Latte art

I love coffee, but keeping getting coffee out does get expensive! I can make myself a really nice black coffee, but Latte art is just so much more instagrammable....

10 Get a bit better with money/ start saving!

This is a top priority! This year has been a definite squeeze on my wallet, but next year when I have a *proper job* I really want to keep on top of my money! I want to save up for big purchases rather than buy it first and eat nothing but toast for the next week, oops.

11 Apply for jobs

Y-E-S I've finally got a proper job lined up for next year! But I have to sort out the year after that, and I've got some big decisions to make- whether to do some more postgrad study (considering doing a Masters in Japan) or whether to just carry on working. eep.

12 Take blogging more seriously

I want to up the quality of my photography and post more regularly! I also kiiind of want to look into some sort of affiliate link situation, but I'm a bit nervous about it.

13 Do some film photography

I keep meaning to do this, and I need to just go for it!

14 Get better at being on my own

I'm going to be living on my own for the first time ever (!) next year, and while there are some things I'm suuuper excited for some things- no flatmates' mess and washing up, not having to wait for the shower, etc. But. I get really lonely really easily and I'm a bit nervous about how I will cope. 

15 Go to Osaka

It's still probably my favourite city, although I do love Leeds with a fierce burning passion. There's something about Osaka though, it's a huge city of 2.6 million people, and there's always something to do and things happening. Definitely left a little corner of my heart there. I want to go to all my old haunts, and explore new places too!

16 Go on a cute couple holiday 

I haven't gone on a holiday just me and the boyfriend for a year! I want to do another city break or something, like Madrid last year

17 Succeed at my job :')

This one's obvious, ahaha

18 Eat healthily

I do actually eat pretty well, but I want to keep it up. Recently I've been noticing how much better my body feels when I eat right. I'm never going to stop eating cheese or chocolate or having a cheeky cocktail every now and again, but I wanna keep eating all right day to day.

19 Be more spontaneous

I want to say yes to things and be more confident, and make more spontaneous plans! 

20 Do some freelance translation

I'm not super confident with translation, but I can do it and it's such a useful skill to have. Nowadays, there are apps for doing small bits of translation like gengo and it would definitely be useful to earn some spending money. 

21 dye my hair pastel one last time

I don't know when I'll be able to dye my hair a lairy colour- luckily my job will let me have silver hair! But pink is definitely out, so I wanna enjoy having it for now. Pastel hair in summer is perfect. 

22 Stop putting stuff off

I'm a dreadful procrastinator, and this is something I reeeally need to change. Anyone got any tips >_>

That's it for now! What are your goals for the year? Do you reckon I'll get many of mine ticked off?
Also seriously, if anyone has any tips to stop procrastinating, they would be most welcome...
-Amy xoxo

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  1. A tip for procrastination: if you're the kind of person who lives by lists (and, well, I'm posting on yours, so probably you do like them) is to try to do your to-do lists in reverse. At least, for short-term things! It's still good to have long-term goals, but for everyday stuff try this: instead of writing everything you want to get done today on a little Post-It (or scrap of paper, or old receipt...) write things down AFTER you do them. You probably already know what you want to try and get done today inside your head, so pick one small task, do it, then write it down. Then do the next one, but again only writing it once you've done it. This can help undo some of the reward-bias we get just for writing down or telling someone about a plan, and then the disappointment and discouragement we feel when we look down at the list and see all the unticked boxes. What do you do when you see it? Decide to go sit down and browse Instagram for an hour (or four) to escape from our daunting self-imposed to-do list (err, not that I do that). And still get nothing done, then feel bad about that as well. Instead, doing it in reverse, you get a list of all the stuff you have -already- achieved today - awesome! That feels a lot better, right? How do you mentally respond to it? Maybe you think "let's go do some more! I'm on a roll!", or sometimes, "gosh I've done a lot of stuff, maybe I deserve to go plug into Insta for a bit". And if you pick the second one, fine - because you ALREADY got stuff done! Which is better than 0, right? It's worth a try; as a fellow list-liver I can confirm it feels a lot nicer to just have a list of all ticked items at the end of a day than one with lots of unticked ones.

    1. ooh that's such a cool idea! And one I'd never heard before actually! Thank you ♡ I'll definitely try it!

  2. Now also 22, most spontaneous thing i ever did was to let my friend convince me to take my scholarship funds and do a next day trip to Japan (the tickets were going cheap). Didnt even own a suitcase and forgot how to even find a seat on a plane but it was the most incredible journey. Travelled from tokyo round to Kanazawa (highly reccomend), climbed up Fushimi inari and eventually ended up in Osaka. I have a personal gripe with osaka’s subway system and it gave me so much hassle (considering i mastered Tokyo’s subway system in a day and even managed peak morning rush hour) ^_^ but if you find yourself back in Osaka, there’s this magical bridge and Shrine at Suminoe park, there’s a subway stop that goes right there. Go in the morning when the saccadas are buzzing, its incredible and its 100% free of other tourists. If you’ve never spent time just walking through a japanese city-suburb, its like living in a dream, go to a local combini and visit a local book shop. Sadly my degree lasts 6 years but im hoping to return there as a volunteer for the 2020 olympics. All the best and safe travels

    1. Ahhh I feel this so much! Your trip sounds amaazing! I'm glad you got to see so many different places and get off the beaten path a bit <3 I'm back in Japan now but I'm working so I haven't had much time for tourism sadly... But since I lived in Osaka, I'm fine with the Osaka metro ;) I hope your degree goes well! And definitely come back for the olympics <3


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