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Saturday 25 August 2018

New in// BB Seaweed fresh face mask from Lush

Lush BB Seaweed fresh face mask and cactus
You guys know I'm a huge Lush fan- I love their eco friendly and ethical stance, their branding is really stylish, and their products have always worked really well for me. They are a little on the pricy side (especially on a student budget) so I was really excited to finally be able to take back 5 used containers for them to recycle and get a free fresh face mask- I picked BB seaweed.

Lush BB Seaweed fresh face mask and cactus

Ocean Salt
Rosy Cheeks
Charity pot x 2
Dream Cream

You can see what I thought of them in my empties posts, but in summary, I liked Dream Cream but did prefer the scent and consistency of Charity pot- I've got Karma Cream on the go at the moment, but I'll definitely pick up charity pot again some time in the future. I liked Rosy Cheeks, but as it was a fresh face mask, you have to use it all in one month, which makes it more of an expensive treat rather than something I'd rush back out to repurchase. It did make my skin look great though. Ocean Salt is something else I'd 100% repurchase- it's an exfoliant which can be used for face and body. It lasted me pretty well, and as it's a natural exfoliant, no microplastics, and it smells great I'd definitely pick it up again. I might try Lush's exfoliating bar for my body next time though, I'm not sure.

Buuut, I got this BB Seaweed face mask for free! It's like £7, so it was really nice to get free!

Lush BB Seaweed fresh face mask and cactus

I used it the other day, and I did notice my skin looked a bit brighter the next day <3 It has lots of little bits of seaweed in, so it's not the prettiest face mask, (although tbh I'm not convinced by the whole 'glitter face mask thing' that happened last year) but it's really nice to use! It's soothing on your face (and having it in the fridge helps even more with this) and I think it did make a difference to my skin. Not the most noticeable difference, but definitely a little better.

As with Rosy Cheeks, the fact that it needs to be used up in a month is a minus point for me, although I definitely would consider buying a fresh face mask again, it's definitely a treat thing rather than something I could go and buy every month. I do want to try the 'don't look at me' blue face mask though, as it looks like it will also be good, and it's also bright blue.

If you guys are Lush fans like me, I'd definitely recommend keeping the containers and taking them back!

Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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