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Thursday 12 September 2019

Japanese streets # 10// Photos I took in Osaka 9 months ago

side street in Umeda, Osaka with vending machines and bicyclesSo I've definitely completely neglected my blog recently- blame work.
But, I have been taking photos, and I wanted to start sharing more about what I've been up to, more about working in Japan, house hunting, Japanese products that really work, clothes I've bought and gigs I went to... you know, the usual!

And so I thought I'd start from the actual start of the year, when I landed in my favourite city in Japan, Osaka, and spent a happy jetlagged day walking around taking photos and eating Takoyaki.

This first set is from Shin Osaka/ Umeda- I'd just got off the plane and was feeling really grotty and not up for being around the sparkly young fashionable people in the shopping district of Umeda, so I found myself walking around the grottier backstreets and we all know how I feel about Japanese streets! 

view of osaka rooftops

View of a street, bicycles and an elevated highway in Osaka Japan

buildings and elevated highways in Osaka, Japan

train tracks and buildings at Shin Osaka

crowds of people crossing the road near Osaka station

Hep 5 ferris wheel on top of a building in Umeda Osaka

side street in Umeda, Osaka

side street in Umeda, Osaka

side street in Umeda, Osaka with vending machines and bicycles

Covered shopping street in Osaka with neon signs saying muryo annnaijo

side street in Umeda, Osaka with Hep 5 ferris wheel visible in the distance

signs, overhead cables and street lights in Umeda, Osaka

mass of signs and overhead cables in Umeda, Osaka

vending machine with phoenix art

That's it for today! Check back next week for more pictures from Osaka <3
Let me know if there are any posts you'd like to see coming up- I definitely want to post more about life in Japan, especially more 'useful' posts like about how to rent (I had quite a tough time) and like the N1 and stuff. So yeah stay tuned and bye for now <3
Thanks for reading!! -Amy xoxo


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