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Monday 9 September 2019

How living in Leeds changed my style

silver haired girl wearing vintage jumper in a vintage shop

wavey uni student style is definitely a thing

I thought it would be fun to reflect on how living in Leeds changed my style, like I did when I did my post on how Japan changed my style a few years ago. Let's just say that I looove Leeds and it definitely left its' mark on me!

vintage//  there are a tonne of vintage sales and really great vintage/charity shops in Leeds (shout out to my fave Blue Rinse) and I've also been trying to buy vintage clothes a teeny bit more (less environmental guilt, etc.) so I've definitely been into the baggy men's jumper aesthetic now

more grunge/rock and less 'kawaii'// This is something I'm a bit sad about, but idk if I've got more self conscious or if it's just because I think it suits me more. I do loove kawaii styles, but I just think they don't suit me... would love to give Gyaru a proper go though! Actually, writing this has made me determined to try and be cute sometimes, because why not!

Fishnets// these became such a trend, and it gave me the confidence to try and wear them, and I really like them now!

rings// I've got a small perfect ring collection now and they're one of the pieces of jewellery I tend to wear on a regular basis.

small jewellery every day// I used to wear looooads of jewellery- very big statement pieces and piled things on decora- style. I definitely think I've left that behind, because it's clunky and irritating and just more effort. I wear the same earrings almost every day, and it's kind of great? Although Leeds has also got me into hoops occasionally too.

buuut, I'm back in Japan right now, so maybe my style will change again! I'll keep you posted :) Has the place that you live ever influenced your style?

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