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Monday 23 September 2019

Why it's important to retouch your roots every 4-6 weeks

pink haired girl wearing hawaiian shirt and denim skirt standing in front of hydrangeas

I'm not a hairdresser, but I bleach my hair by myself at home, have been doing it for about 6 years now (!) and my hair is still on my head. So that's something. Today, I wanted to make a shortish post about why hairdressers usually recommend retouching hair 4-6 weeks, and why it's important to actually keep to this schedule in my experience.

About once a month means that you'll get a more even lift from the bleach- the heat from your head will make it quicker, and the newer hair lifts more easily.

Leaving a month to 6 weeks is enough time to let hair recover, from last time- provided you look after your hair well with hair masks and treatments- but not enough that the roots will grow too long. Longer than an inch or so and you'll get yummy orange banding which is hard to lift. The couple of times I've let my roots grow longer, it's been such a pain trying to get them to lift to light blonde- this is why hair stylists often charge more for long roots because you need to take more care, and might need to double process the hair or use foils or smth. (Again, let me point out that I am no hairdresser and don't use foils obvs and people pay a lot of money and take a lot of time to be really skilled at colouring hair) People pay a lot of money for colour

pink haired girl wearing hawaiian shirt and denim skirt standing in front of hydrangeas
Shirt// Vintage (camden market)
Skirt// Topshop
Jacket// Vintage (SPINNS)
Socks// WEGO
Shoes// Vans
Bag// misc

Lastly, please please be careful if you're bleaching your hair yourself, and make sure to do tonnes of research, and follow the instructions on hair dye packs!

But have fun <3 I love my bleached hair <3
Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo

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