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Friday 1 January 2021

How is it 2021 already// My 2021 New Years Resolutions and did i achieve my 2020 goals?

A picture of the Sinsekai signs in Shinsekai, Osaka after dark

Hi gang! I've been pretty quiet (again) as I've been settling in to my new job, but I've been here 6 months now and I really want to get back into the swing of blogging/posting on instagram again.... wish me luck! 

2020 was.... a strange year... wasn't it. I know am really lucky compared to some, and I hope you're safe and are doing ok! Lots of my 2020 goals became highly impractical due to *the situation* but I still wanted to go through them and set some goals for next year- it's a nice ritual to have.

My 2020 goals- did I achieve them? 

Get a job// I actually did this twice! My first job offer fell through due to covid, but I'm currently working at Mary Quant's London office, and I'm really enjoying it! 

Play guitar more// I failed laughably at this... 

Start some proper savings// Yep :^) Haven't been able to go anywhere or do anything so I've been aggressively saving for a holiday when I can.

Sort out my sleep// I'd give myself a 6/10 for this one- I am trying to sleep midnight-7:30 every day, but I'm still sooooo tiiired... 

Film photography// again, kind of a 4/10. I did take some cool film photos on throwaway cameras, but I still haven't gone in and got my proper cameras fixed

Go somewhere new in Europe// I was really lucky and we managed to go to Italy before the whole situation happened! It was lovely.

Actually make some Japanese youtube// Another thing that I just didn't do. No excuses really

Make my room nicer// Well I did get some more plants?? But yeah, I definitely need to try and pare down my room. Doesn't help that I am WFH from my room as well, it's sort of a gloomy stress pit rn...

Get a new laptop// Done! I am currently using the new shiny boi to write this post! 

Be more sorted// Hmmmm... I am more organised than I was, but the underlying goal of becoming more calm and less easily flustered remains.

Get another piercing// didn't manage this, because well, 2020

Get another haircut// I managed this! I got a haircut at Bleach in Soho which was suuch a dream for me. I won't be able to afford to get my hair done there every time I need my roots doing, but I want to make it a semi-regular thing because the whole experience was amazing tbh. I've got another post about that almost finished, so it will hopefully be up soon. 

Make a zine// I still need to actually do this.

Read 1 book/ month// I could definitely do with reading more though- my vocabulary is still awful...

Post one OOTD a month// Another one that I failed at for no good reason, haha 

And finally, this one might be a little obvious but

Go back and visit LEEDS!!!// 2020 also got in the way of this :'( 

So, overall I'm super pleased with myself! I have been really miserable not being able to see friends, zoom calls aren't quite the same tbh. But overall I got rid of a lot of negativity from my life in 2020 and I think, luckily, I've come out of it in a better place :) 

My 2021 goals

Sort out my film cameras// As I said earlier. And now, I have the money to just do it. When we're allowed outside again...

Sort out my room// As I said earlier, my room is slightly a black hole of stress, but I want to make it more calm and slightly pinterest worthy.

Actually play guitar again// again, a repeated goal from earlier because I completely neglected it this year

Read one book per month// This *should* be achievable as I'm a fairly fast reader. And you know, culture. 

Put more effort into Instagram and my blog// I do social media as part of my job, and I've definitely used most of my creative energy for work at the moment... I really do like having my own little corner of the internet though. I also finally want to do some Japanese content, which is another thing I've been saying I'll do for years...

Travel somewhere cool// even if it's just Canterbury (I've never been even though it's fairly close to me)

Go to a festival// I've finally locked down someone to go to Download with me, fingers crossed it goes ahead!!!!!!

Do the zine// No excuse really... I also want to post some more of the photos I took in Japan last year- I have literally thousands of photos.. 

Keep a good sleep schedule// and also start some proper exercise aaah

Get another piercing// Again, I have the money now so this should be fairly straightforward...

GO TO LEEDS// You knew it was coming. 

What are your 2021 goals? I wish you all a healthy and safe 2021 <3 <3

Thanks for reading!! 
-Amy xoxo


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