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Tuesday 8 September 2020

8 years/ over 600 posts of CandyflossOverkill

A sunakku bar with bicycles and a vending machine next to it in Osaka
I just realised that I missed my blogaversary last year! But on the actual day, (august 18th) I was in Osaka buying records and going to cool vintage shops, so I was living my best life ;)

This past year or so has been a bit of a quiet one on the blog because I was at work and it's sometimes been a bit soul destroying and I kind of forgot how nice it is to be creative...

I love blogging- it's so nice to have your own little space on the internet with no stress about algorithms, likes etc. that comes with instagram or Youtube.
And yet, I really let it slip last year- here is a graph of numbers of posts/ year that I created bc I was procrastinating...

Don't get me wrong, I am fairly pleased with the stuff I did post- there just wasn't quiiite enough there! But without further ado, here are a couple of my favourite posts from year 7 (August 2018- July 2019) and 8 (September 2019- July 2020)of blogging!

I feel v old now omg

A sunakku bar with bicycles and a vending machine next to it in Osaka
How to keep up language learning after living abroad (Japanese)

lanterns in Shinsekai, Osaka
How I passed the JLPT N1

A goldfish tank by the side of the road in Shizuoka city, Japan
Snapshots from Shizuoka City: part 2 Chanomachi

flatlay of well used makeup products on a sheet
My updated makeup collection// I got too much makeup free with magazines oops//

Osaka side street with Daiso and fugu fish signs
大阪パリピツアー Things I want to do in Osaka

Also a couple of more serious blog posts: 
a picture of blue sky and an electricity pylon with the words Black Lives Matter

I know me saying this on my little blog won't change the world, but I didn't want to *not* talk about it as it's so important. There are many super amazing resources on this though, so rather than reading my blog post, allow me to direct you to Black Lives Matter.

My makeup collection

But although I haven't been posting that much, I was taking looots of photos, so I have lots of juicy Japan content to come <3

My new job is in London, and I'm allowed to keep having my bleached hair, so look forward to more hair dye reviews too!

I also have sooo many photos I took in Japan, so I'll keep slowly posting those too :)

Thanks for reading, stay safe lads!! 
-Amy xoxo

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