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Tuesday 28 May 2013

hello again, chums and chummettes~

how are we all? <3
the other day I went to see

Star trek: into darkness
I went to go celebrate the end of my big massive exams of doom
so I should be a bit more active online. not making any promises though. my procrastination skills are legendary.
aaah it was so good feelings assafdjsa;g\nkljre;\znlj'
definitely go see it if you haven't already~

this is what I wore: 
it's just what I wore to school but ne'ermindey

also, I would like to add
what is this fringe?!?
so long...
don't know whether to just keep straightening it to be 'round' (sort of like juria) or to just bite the bullet and cut it. inner turmoil!

I also went to see 'the Great Gatsby' without knowing a thing about it. Like, I thought a gatsby was a sailing race, or something.....
but still, it ended up being a good film. I got a bit too attatched to Leonardo DiCaprio though >///<'

<this is what I wore~ 

 (as usual, the only attractive picture I have is of my ear...)

I've been wearing my hair like this a lot lately to show off my ears (I got a second hole pierced)

aaanyway, I'm off to write a post about MCM EXPO :D
it will probably be all fangirling and 'look at this pretty picture'

I'm not sorry
ttfn, stalker-chan :D

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