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Thursday 30 May 2013

11: MCM expo report :D

why howdy, stalker-chan <3
It's half term, my room is messy, I just finished the big exams of doom and I'm still way tired after expo, so, now is the time for:


um, I mean, writing a super-informative blog post for y'all....really....

so: I went to expo :D
it was fun 
(really, I could just end the post there, couldn't I?)
I COSPLAYED?!?!?! as  Kyary Pamyu Pamyu <3
but, as per usual, the only pictures I have are both super ugly and super-blurry TTnTT
One day, I need to do some kind of photoshoot? maybe? 
anyway, have these:

cat ears because expo ^

I'm so super proud of myself, hehe
If you haven't been to expo and you come from the UK, go!!! 
but I'm pretty sure that literally every anime fan from the whole of the UK came :D
so many people... 

but they were all so lovely :D
I met my friend Ronnie again- we did a cosplay harlem shake :D
 also the lovely Chriss and Finlay (I fangirled so much, hehe)

Finlay- how photogenic is she?

sorry if I creeped anyone out >///<
I bought a lot of stuff, but I'm probably going to save that for another post :D
ah, I'm not good at this blogging lark, hmm? 
but anyway, ciao for now~



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