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Sunday 9 June 2013

#14: In which I attempt to dress visual kei

so, today I was listening to lots of very loud v-kei 
and none of my family was home
so I tried to do makeup
(I suck at makeup, hehe)
so here is the result! I tried to do sujimori hair from this tutorial and this tutorial
but, i think it's the sort of thing that you have to practise a lot...
and I did the makeup from this tutorial
and, it ended up sort of.... like a fluffy version.... or, not at all v-kei. nevermind. can we just call it oshare kei?

TL:DR: I did makeup. One one level, it completely sucked but I'm secretly quite proud of it :D
have a picture spam :D

this was the actual makeup

I look literally the opposite of attractive ;D
 and no, those are not cat ears- they're devil horns!!! totally!!!

aaand to finish, my obligatory 'I am a rock star with my guitar'
hey, that rhymed :D

well, I hope that was.... interesting, at least!
what did you think? con-crit, please! 

dig you later, amigos~ 


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