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Saturday 15 June 2013

16: I went to London :D and OOTD

Hi, stalker-chans <3
How are we all? good? I sure hope so~
Here in ye olde England, we actually have some sunlight for once!!
I hope you all are having as wonderful a saturday as I am~
(I am lying around in my dressing gown and watching Great Teacher Onizuka)

so, I visited SOAS university ^^
I spent a lot of the time fangirling over the fact that Chriss went there (>////<);
It was so cool! I really want to go there! 
but, the admissions talk for Japanese studies, they said that you sometimes have to study 50-60 hours a week!?!!? WHAT!?!? 

for someone who is quite lazy (me) this was a bit of a shock....

super blurry outfit photo, hehe

 and, I took a picture of my makeup... kind of? 
*yay for rubbish lighting*

after the open day finished, I went to Camden :D
I bought Ice cream at chin chin labs- so delicious <3 If you're ever in Camden, you should go there~
I bought a spiked collar! after wanting it for sooo long
(but I have no idea when I will wear it....  )
right now, I'm going to go pretend I am Takeru in SuG's 'Fat inside horror' PV

go listen to it. It's really rather good :D

I don't live that far away from London, but I don't go there often, so I get waaay too excited over it, hehe 

aaand that's it for now~ sorry I didn't have any pretty pictures of London to show you all- I forgot to take my camera! 
until next time, ttfn \(^O^)/
p.s. if you're bored, go check out my tumblr- it has lots of pictures of street fashion and attractive males ;D

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