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Sunday 23 June 2013

17: OOTD

Hihi, stalker-chan~
long time no dig! how are you doing?
me, I'm doing good- I just finished a massive essay for school :/

so, I broadened my horizons this week- I went 
UP NORTH (ooh, exciting!)
I went to Manchester~ (anyone from Manchester reading this, I'm so jealous, hehe) I was too impressed. 
aanyway, have an outfit post:
this was from a while back... everything else has been pretty uninspired lately...

I did my roots, but I missed a patch at the back (>///<) baka amy! 
(does this happen to anyone else, or am I the only one? :L )

also, I had been STAKING MY ENTIRE HAPPINESS on being able to go to this DEATHGAZE live which, you've guessed it, I'm not allowed to go to.......
be calm, Amy, be calm

Also... It's coming up to 6 months since SuG went on Hiatus......
(my life force is draining away.....)
My friend actually asked me if they'd broken up... *sobs quietly in corner*

look at that cute face so cute. >>>

can anyone think of anything fun  for me to do to cheer myself up?
School (and lack of SuG and  no DEATHGAZE live to give my life meaning) is getting me down :C

firstworldproblems much?

aaaanyway, see you later! I'm going to go listen to life2die and see if I can't cheer myself up <3 
ttfn ^^ xoxo


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