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Monday 3 June 2013

13: OOTDs

howdy, stalker-chan~
today, I was left to fend for myself.... so I just made a nutritious snack of rice, tuna and mini cheddars
and no, I don't really know why I felt the need to inform you all of that
anyway, Outfit pictures:
and another picture of my ear....
I swear I am incapable of actually taking attractive pictures of me except from my ear.
This one was for shopping 
also, posing-face :D
In the background, you can see the result of my utter laziness last week: my room is a tip, hehe
< and this was a procrastination-day
I actually can't remember what I did....
someone please give me a purpose in life 
(other than Takeru-worshipping, hehe)

you can see the new tights I bought- they have a ladder in ALREADY?!?!

has anyone got tips on stopping tights laddering? 

finally, a close up of my shirt.
ponies with sunglasses. 
that's all I'm saying. 

over and out (^O^)/
I'll dig you hip cats later~


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