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Sunday 18 August 2013

26: OOTDs from my holiday

Howdy, folks~
How is everyone's summer going?
I only have 2 weeks left of mine :c 
recently I've been too lazy to blog much.... (sorry >///<);
I seem to have spent most of my days mindlessly scrollling or crying in a corner
actually, I've been pretty sociable as well <3
so here's a few OOTDs 
both of these were lazy-ass days, hence the super-plain outfits :L

somehow the trilby makes me feel really 'fashionable' :D
badges   > 

new shirt aaah
image from because you can
never have too many pictures of L'arc~en~ciel
<this shirt. I wanted this for so long... it makes me feel like Ken from L'aruku :3

Also, I need to cut my hair. A lot. maybe by my next post, I'll have cut it? (I ordered some new scissors from Amazon yesterday) also it's gone kind of orange, hasn't it?
Soon I'll need to bleach it out for school :c

sorry, this post is all over the place, hehe :L
also, I can't seem to get it to look nice and pretty for y'all :C
next time, I'll update quicker! and make it make sense (maybe)
see you hip cats later~ xoxo


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