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Saturday 3 August 2013

24: NATSUYASUMI!!!!!!*

* summer holiday in Japanese
How are we all?
I'm great because I'm 
I have a summer of blissful procrastination ahead of me!
or rather, I'm going to try and make it not like that, hehe (>////<);
I'll let you know how that goes.
Probably, I'm going to spend the summer on tumblr.
but, I thought I'd share some of my summer goals with y'all

Summer goals:
  • lose weight
  • try different styles like fairy kei, rokku gyaru +visual kei that I never have the courage to make coords of
  • dye my hair pink
  • be better at blogging
  • not get a tan
  • sleep more, stress less
  • meet up with my friends more
  • less 'what if' and more 'carpe diem'
  • go to lives
  • do some more crafting
  • do more exercise
  • eat more healthily
  • make some new friends
  • go up to London more
  • get organised for next year
  • do lots of reading
  • become a guitar-samurai (practise every day)
  • listen to different music apart from SuG
  • try and avoid the inevitable SuG-hiatus related existential crisis that I seem to be having weekly at the moment
  • try and avoid existential crisises (crises?) all together
  • take more pictures and document my *fantastic adventures*
  • try and get a job
  • watch lots of asian dramas and anime
  • watch adventure time

wow, that's a lot. I suspect that the only ones that will actually get done are the 'watch anime and dramas'
TTFN~ (^O^)/


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