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Saturday 10 August 2013

25: OOTDs and PINK HAIR?

hey, various internet pals~ 
how's it hanging?
IT'S SUMMER IN THE UK?! like, with heat and stuff..... we as a nation are like hideously unprepared for this!
so anyway, outfits:
this was from the other day:
 saw my friend tasha for a catch up~
last outfit without the PINK IN MY HAIR AAAGH.........

<<what kind of face am i making there? haha
(the outfit makes me look a little bit like a tramp.......... nevermind)
the hair looks like I have been attacked by a bunch of six year olds with highlighters........
that is the only way i can think of describing it (>///<)
I kind of like it, but I wanted it to be pastel... I have a lot to learn about hair colouring!
I used directions carnation pink and i diluted it, but.......................
next time, I need to tone my hair beforehand, hm?
maybe it will fade out a bit as I wash it? I'll keep you guys posted :D

it's also the 25th post I've done on this blog? somehow, that makes me rdiculously happy :D
I don't often stick at things, but blogging is actually pretty fun ^^ I hope that it's fun to read, too~
dig you later (^O^)/

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