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Sunday 8 May 2016

How I turned my hair from Pink to Silver (how to fade out pink hair with minimal damage)

Today I'll be sharing how I got this silver white hair:

From Pink, with no bleach!
pink hair

I know I've just posted about dying my hair pink again for spring, but I realised I never wrote about how I turned my hair silver in February. I wanted to go silver again, but I didn't want to simply bleach all of the pink out and risk damaging my hair (because let's be real, it's already been bleached so it's  damaged anyway).
So I decided to go for the slightly longer method- wash out the colour slowly. Luckily, pink is a fairly easy colour to get out! (Especially compared to blue or purple... Say hello to green stained locks!)

How to fade Pink hair faster:

  1. Let the colour fade out- wash it fairly often with warm water, This should be obvious, but don't use colour protecting shampoo or conditioner.
  2. Use silver shampoo to get rid of the warm tones: I shared my method for making DIY silver shampoo a few days ago, but it's fairly easy to get hold of in shops in the UK.
  3. baking soda, head and shoulders and fairy liquid are also supposed to work wonders!
I let my hair fade out for about two weeks, washing it with silver shampoo. Only a teeny sheen of pink was left at the top of my hair as I'd done an ombre fade out effect. I took care of this the next time I retouched my roots. After I've bleached my hair, I usually wash out the bleach, then put silver shampoo near the freshly done roots to tone down the yellow colour. I left the silver shampoo on for a few minutes, rather than just washing it out straight away, and this totally got rid of the pink.

Here are a couple of pictures the result! My whitish silver hair~

Silver hair

How to turn pink hair silver

Thanks for reading!
Do you guys have any tips for fading hair dye without bleach! I'd really love to know if you have any tips on blue hair dye! My only solution for the green stain thus far has been either bleach or try and cover it up with another colour...
-Amy xoxo


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