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Thursday 19 May 2016

Huge spring Japanese fashion and accessories collective haul: SPINNS, WEGO, Harajuku~

I've been pretty busily shopping away for spring/summer clothes, and I haven't posted a haul in ages, so I thought I'd share it with you guys today. I'll add some pictures of me wearing the clothes if I have one, but I haven't tried on everything yet (oops)


First up is this Tshirt from Funky fruit in Amemura. The Kanji on it means "Poisoning" and Angel" which I thought was kinda neat, and it's a huge long Tshirt, almost long enough to be a dress. It was pretty pricy at around 3000 yen though.

Next up is this My Little Pony Sweater from SPINNS. It was about 3000 yen, but it is gorgeous. I can't really wear it now though, because it's already too warm for sweaters here. 

This checked shirt was from WEGO in Hiroshima, and it was about 1,500 yen

You must have seen this GU sweater about 60,000 times recently in outfit posts. Like this one. And this one. It was about 1000 yen in the sale (all hail GU for super cheap basics) and is sooo snuggly and warm.

I bought SuG's tour shirt at their gig (which I still haven't blogged about, but it was so amazing oh my gosh.)

Wow, I needed to iron this raglan shirt so badly in the top photo. It was from WEGO and I think it was about 1500 yen.

This super cute skirt was from G2? in Harajuku, for around 2000 yen I think

This Skirt is from WEGO, and was about 2000 yen as well.

I've worn these socks in a fair few OOTD posts already. They were from ASOS, £7 for 2 pairs. 

Also, I bought the best denim Jacket ever from the SPINNS used section for about 5000 yen. It is also in just about every OOTD I've done recently, because it's so easy to just throw on.


This bag was an emergency get, but isn't it just so cute? (~2500 yen from WEGO) I needed a cute small pouch
This bag was an impulse sale buy, but at 300 yen who's to say no?

A tonne of pouches: The vans and sailor moon ones were free with Mini and Vivi magazines resspectively, and the top two were both 100 yen from DAISO.

Eyeball clip: SPINNS, 700 yen
Blue, purple and pink star clips (right) in a set from Paris Kids Harajuku, 300 yen for like a million
Blue star clip: 300 yen for a pair, Kiddyland
Dinosaur hair tie: about 1000 yen, Nadia flores en el corazón, Harajuku 
Silver Heart clip: about 500 yen for a pair, SPINNS
Blue heart clips: 300 yen for a pair, Paris Kids Harajuku

Pink Bracelet: SuG tour 2016, 1000 yen
Beaded bracelet: 6% DokiDoki,~1500 yen
Pink heart ring, 6%DokiDoki, about 1000 yen
Cherry choker: WEGO, ~700 yen
Heart choker: SPINNS ~700 yen
6%DokiDoki badge
Love hearts badge GU? ~400 yen
Cherry earring Nadia Flores en el Corazón about 1500 yen
Pink heart 'Mendokusai' earrings, SPINNS, ~700 yen
Earrings, 300 yen Paris Kids Harajuku

I also bought THE BEST SHOES EVER:
which were 5000 yen from SPINNS.

Phew, that was a tonne of things ^^;
It's a few months worth of stuff though. I think I'll do smaller more regular hauls from now on, so I don't have such a huge mountain next time. What do you guys think?

Also why not check out some of my last Jfashion haul:

-Amy xoxo

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