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Tuesday 10 May 2016

Lush lovin'

Lush Beautiful shower gel

I have been so obsessed with Lush recently. It's the combination of how amazing their products are, combined with how good their marketing strategy is, but the end result is that I've gone and bought a tonne of Lush things in the last couple of months. It's frivolous, but as my friend Vicky always says, "treat yo' self"" right?

Firstly, yes you can get Lush stuff in Japan! It's great. They have shops in Harajuku, Hiroshima, Shinsaibashi, Kyoto Shijo and a whole bunch of other places too. It's not too expensive here either, I don't think the price is too different to the UK.

I've been popping into my local lush pretty frequently over the last couple of months. The shop staff remember me because I'm one of the few foreigners who come in, and they are always super friendly. I've even got a few freebies from them before too: including one of their body scrub bars. It's the scrubbiest scrub ever (I think it has actual sand in it?) so I love it, because it feels like it's actually 'doing something'. I've got into the habit of buying a bath bomb every time I see my boyfriend, and buy one every time I stay in a hotel. Also, lush is still totally the best present ever to be honest. (Hint to anyone who knows me in real life, if you're reading this).

Lush are one of those brands that have done The Internet super well. I'm always seeing aesthetically pleasing people take aesthetically pleasing baths (looking at you Kate la vie)  and it makes me want to go buy lush stuff. A very effective marketing strategy.

I think the thing that Lush are most well known for are their bath bombs and bubble bars, which is probably because they are absolutely on point oh gosh. The ones I've tried recently are:
  • Frozen
  • Intergalactic
  • Fizzbanger
  • Golden egg (which was sadly not as good as a gold one I'd got from Oxford street lush)
  • The comforter
  • Blue skies and fluffy white clouds
The bath bombs are amazing, but I think that price wise, soap is the best deal- it lasts months and smells amazing. I have the Karma soap in my bathroom at the moment and I am convinced it was the best 1000 yen I ever spent. The smell is so luxurious and it hasn't irritated my hands like a lot of scented soaps tend to. 

I'm also really happy with my 'Beautiful' shower gel- it smells of  citrus and happiness. The shower gel is more of an initial cost, but I've managed to make mine last quite a long time. Another scent I love in the shower gel is 'happy hippy' which is more grapefruit scented. 

Another product I've had for a while is the 'bubblegum' lip scrub. It smells tasty and does the job really well. Also it lasts for 2 whole years even though it's a more natural product.
Bubblegum Lush lip scrub

Lush intergalactic demo

The comforter lush

The comforter Lush

Blue skies and fluffy clouds Lush

Blue skies lush demo

Anyway,  I need to go back and get some more Lush goodies, and fast. 
I mean, Lush counts as self care, right? :)
Does anyone have any good recommendations?
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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