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Sunday 22 May 2016

How to kick start your Mornings

I'm just starting back at uni, and that means correcting my nocturnal sleeping habits into something a little more reasonable. Setting a good morning routine is the easiest way to make sure your day goes right, so here's a couple of tips on how to get the best start to your day possible.

Put the kettle on

Have a glass of water

Apparently it kick starts your metabolism, and it's also good for your skin. Bonus points if you chuck a lemon in too.

Get into the shower asap

I actually have a rule that I don't turn the Internet on before I've showered

Make your bed right away

so you aren't tempted to get back in :p

Don't give yourself time to snooze

Set your alarm later, when you know you can't snooze. Uninterrupted sleep is better, and then when you wake up, you know you have to actually get up.

Try and sleep in multiples of 1 1/2 hours

Apparently, Your sleep cycle is approximately one and a half hours, so if you wake up when you're finished with a cycle or in the lightest phase of sleep, e.g after 6 hours, 7 1/2 hours, you'll feel better

Make a to do list for the day

or look at it if you made it the night before 

Pack your bag the night before

(Tbh my bag is almost never unpacked because I keep the same bag) This means you won't have a morning scramble for your keys.You could maybe even pick your outfit the night before.

Work out the minimum time you need to get ready

make up etc so you have enough time, but not enough that you could snooze. Then you have to jump out of bed right away instead of on instagram, bloglovin or in bed snoozing (something that is now reserved for weekends)

You could Even could work some study in there :p

I actually was one of those people that studied in the morning last year....

Try and go to bed and wake up at the same time every day

 it will make you feel so much better as your body will get used to it.

Do you have any tips for mornings? I'd love to know!
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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