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Tuesday 7 June 2016


Kinkakuji, spring

So the day after I took my family to Hikone castle,  we headed to another super iconic Kyoto sight: Kinkakuji, the Golden Pavillion temple. You can't come to Kyoto and not do Kinkakuji, c'mon guys.

Now I'll be honest, I've been there four times showing various people around, and I think it's enough times now... Kinkakuji gets pretty crowded, and there are tonnes of other magical places in Kyoto like Toji (post coming soon) that I need to explore. However, it is pretty special: super photogenic and the garden is lovely. The weather was great when we went so have some temple eye candy ;)

Kinkakuji Kyoto

Check out the crowd for the first viewing/photo spot. It's manageable, you just have to be a little proactive about getting a place in the front for a bit.
Kinkakuji crowd

Kinkakuji Kyoto

Golden temple Kinkakuji
After Kinkakuji, my parents went on to Nijo Castle (which is another place I'd recommend a visit to, there's a bus straight from Kinkakuji too.) while me and Lizzie headed back to Kyoto station area for some shopping and bro time~

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-Amy xoxo


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