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Friday 24 June 2016

OOTD in the Hydrangeas

Jacket// SPINNS
Choker// Amazon
Bag// WEGO
T shirt// WEGO
Skirt// Forever 21
Boots// Dr Martens

When me and Emily went to Banpaku Kinen Koen to see the hydrangers, she took some OOTD photos for me (Thanks Emily!). Doesn't my shirt match the colour of the hydrangeas perfectly?
Hydrangeas make me think about holidays in England, like Somerset and Dartmouth last year. They're so pretty! They're also one of Emily's favourite too, so we decided to go check out the 'ajisai festival' at the park.

I really want to work on taking prettier OOTDs... As I'm sure y'all know, the quality of blogging as a whole has gone up a lot. and taking better outfit photos is something I really want to work on in summer. At the moment though, I'm still in uni (I know!! Spring term at Osaka uni is unfairly long, I don't finish up until august 9th!!) and it's getting closer to exam season, so going to pretty places for OOTDs will have to wait for a while probably. I did buy a tonne of things recently though, so expect some haul pics soon <3 At least when I get back to the UK, I'll be able to shoot on a white wall instead of my dorm room's 'exciting' purple door and burnt carpet. 

Also, I'm still so in love with this hat, and the boyfriend actually told me off for wearing it too much... In reality, I can't wear it everyday in uni, so I always wanna whip it out when I go out anywhere... I should change it up for my other hats sometimes I guess? Same goes for the denim jacket. It's totally hot here in Japan, so I can't wear my gorgeous souvenir jacket that much, but I don't wanna get sunburned so I'm opting for the denim jacket.

Thanks for reading <3
What do y'all think of my glam background?
-Amy xoxo

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