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Wednesday 8 June 2016

Nara: Todaiji, Deer and Sakura

Todaiji Sakura
Next on the agenda after Kinkakuji was a visit to Nara. Nara is a lovely city, it was the capital of Japan before Kyoto so it's full of history and temples. It has a slightly more relaxed feeling than Kyoto, which can get absolutely crazy around some of the tourist spots. Not to say that Nara isn't touristy, but it's a little calmer. Oh, and it has deer.

Nara deer

The deer may look cute, but I warn you, as soon as you have any kind of picnic, or buy the  special deer biscuits (about 150 yen. They smell like hobnobs, but don't taste like them...) you will be mobbed. It's a little scary. 

Anyway, when in Nara, go to Todaiji. Todaiji is a huge temple containing a Daibutsu (great Buddha). Super full of tourists, but it's a must do. When we went, the Sakura was just starting to bloom! V exciting. 

Todaiji gate

Todaiji Nara

Daibutsu den and Sakura

Sakura at Todaiji

Cherry blossom


Todaiji Daibutsu

After Todaiji, we got ice cream in the park (mine was Matcha flavoured) 

We set off for Kofukuji, and stumbled on this shrine which had amazing sakura! I was really excited because today was one of the first times seeing it (we'd seen a little at Himeji Castle, and I'd seen plum blossom at Osaka castle, but still). Of course, it was also surrounded by people taking selfies, but hey, if you can't beat them might as well join them...

Weeping Sakura

Weeping Sakura


Weeping Sakura


Nara Sakura

After the sakura appreciation stop, we got to Kofukuji. Kofukuji is nice because it's in the middle of Nara Park so you can walk through for free (of course you have to pay to go inside though) It's also huge and pretty impressive, with large pagodas and octagonal shaped buildings too. One of the main buildings is currently being renovated though.

Kofukuji Pagoda

Nara Kofukuji

Nara Pagoda

That's it for now, thanks for reading!

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-Amy xoxo

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