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Friday 3 February 2017

Bunraku: Traditional Japanese Puppet Theatre

Another trip I was so lucky to go on last year was to see Bunraku theatre in Osaka. Bunraku  (or ningyo jyoruri) puppet theatre actually originated in Osaka, so we went with uni to see a performance. The performance we went to was especially for school children- there was an explanation of Bunraku at the start which was really interesting. Like Kabuki, Bunraku was interesting but quite heavy going. The language was old and quite hard (there were even subtitles for this performance) and most of the Japanese school kids in the audience fell asleep. Our teacher told us that it's quite common for people to fall asleep during the long kabuki performances, and I guess the same is true of Bunraku. 

Of course, we couldn't take pictures during the performance, so I don't have much more to show. I'd definitely say you should go if you get the chance though! It might be a little bit of a slog, but going to see Kabuki, Noh or Bunraku is a really cool chance to experience Japanese culture. Or if you're after something a bit more modern, but still really unique- the all female Takarazuka Revue (which feels like a cross between a West End musical and the pantomime) might be more up your street.

Today's post was a little short, but I promise I'll be back with longer content (and prettier photos) soon! Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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