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Tuesday 7 February 2017

My last visit to Kyoto (for now) shopping at Nishiki market

Nishiki Market Kyoto
The last time I went to Kyoto, I was actually going on a shopping mission rather than sightseeing. I wanted to buy some geta sandles for a friend and I figured that if I went to Kyoto, I'd either find super touristy ones, or I'd be able to find some proper ones in the famous Nishiki market.

Nishiki Ichiba

Nishiki Market was so cute! I'd actually only been there after most of the shops were closed in the evening, but in the daytime it's an explosion of food and cute souvenirs. If you're looking for a place to get omiyage for people back home, I'd say go here, then Daiso, then Tokyu hands, and you're probably set. One thing I'm kicking myself for not getting (and instagramming) were these teeny tiny octopuses on sticks.

Nishiki Market Kyoto

Nishiki market Kyoto

I did manage to find a little shop selling fancy geta, but they didn't sell the two pronged ones he wanted in his size :'( 

Nishiki Tenmangu shrine Kyoto

There's also a really cute shrine along Nishiki market called Nishiki Tenmangu shrine. 

Nishiki Tenmangu shrine Kyoto

Nishiki Tenmangu shrine Kyoto Lanterns

Next, I went to the Teramachi area, and did some cheeky shopping for me- I hit up WEGO, SPINNS, Village Vanguard and I also managed to buy myself some circle lenses to try.

Kyoto WEGO

You can honestly get so much random stuff at Village Vanguard, this was the Mahou Shoujou section:
Mahou shoujo goods Village vanguard Japan

They also sold Manic Panic and brightly coloured hair dye (if you're curious about hair dye in Japan, I wrote a post on where to get unnatural hair dye in Japan)

Also aren't these Sukajan gorgeous?
I also achieved my objective of buying Geta in one of the souvenir shops in the Teramachi area. It was too hot for any more sightseeing, so I headed home after I'd finished looking round.

And that was the last time I visited Kyoto while I was at Osaka Uni. It's really bittersweet thinking about it- I love Kyoto so much, especially  all the little side streets away from the centre. Kyoto is a gorgeous city full of history and exciting things to do, and people in Kyoto are so friendly too! I'll definitely be back, there are so many places I've yet to explore! 

Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo


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