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Tuesday 16 May 2017

Empties post #3 Lush, Bleach London, Garnier, Soap and Glory and more

Empties post: Lush, Garnier, Bleach London

Another empties post today! I'm still on a 'using things up' hype, and even though I've broken my 'one in one out' rule, (I'm never going to be a real minimalist...) I wanna try and get back on track. A lot of the empties this time are things I really liked, so I've repurchased a lot of them already.

Lush Daddy O empties

Lush Daddy-o shampoo// it may have been £6 for teeny bottle, but I liked this shampoo- it lathered well and smelt great. I did manage to squeeze one more use out of it after I took this picture, too.
 It did leave a pink tint to my hair, which was cute, but it's something to be aware of. I think I might repurchase this, but I'm not sure.... the Lee Stafford shampoo is a bigger bottle and a similiar shade. I might end up buying this on impulse next time I'm in Lush though. 

garnier micellar water empties

 Garnier Micellar water//  This takes my eye makeup off so well! I'm not sure if it's quite as nice as the Bioderma one (it can sting if it gets in your eyes) but it's way cheaper so I think I'll repurchase this one instead of shelling out for Bioderma.

Kose sunscreen empties
Kosé suncut hiyakedome essence// This sunscreen works so well for me- it's SPF50+ PA++++, perfect for paleys like me. It doesn't have mineral oil or fragrance, it's not too greasy, it makes a great base for makeup and it doesn't break me out- what more could I ask for? I repurchased this, because you can find it on amazon (but not this cute limited edition packaging) for about £8. 

Soap and Glory one heck of a blot empties

Soap and Glory one heck of a blot empties
Soap and Glory One Heck of a Blot powder// Estée Lalonde talks about this a lot, but I think we must have different skin types because my forehead was definitely quite shiny by the end of the day when I wore this. It's a shame, because the packaging was cute and the colour was good for my skin, but I definitely wouldn't spend £12 on this again when I can probably find a cheaper powder that will last longer on my skin.

Bleach London silver shampoo empties

Bleach London Silver Shampoo// This shampoo is actually bae. This is the second bottle of this I've used up, and it's still my favourite silver shampoo because it's so pigmented! Its a little blue toned though, which is good for me because most of the other ones I've tried have left a pink tint in my hair. (You do need to alternate with something else if you don't want your hair to go blue tinted though.) I've already repurchased this.

Maybelline base coat empties

Maybelline Dr Rescue CC Nails Base coat// Average base coat, probably wouldn't repurchase because I prefer an all in one top and base coat, but my nails didn't get stained at all when I used this so it did it's job well.

Bleach London empties

Bleach London's Awkward Peach and Rosé// I bought these on a whim in September, but I think it was a good buy because you never know when I'll suddenly want to change my hair colour. I used them when I had a yellow roots emergency situation in November, and I mixed what I had left of them both with conditioner to do my recent unicorn hair. 

Empties Lush beautiful

Lush Beautiful shower gel// this smells sooooo good! I had it in Japan, and I bought it when I got back in late September last year. It's pricy at £10 for 250g, but I have been using it every day for over 7 months so I think it's worth the money for me. I heard that they are discontinuing it though, which is pretty upsetting. I've got another big bottle which should last me a good few months, but then I'll have to search for a new ride or die Lush scent ;-;

E45 cream

E45 cream// My go-to hand cream (Eumocream) has been discontinued I think, and as my hands tend to get super dry and scaly in winter, I needed to find a good replacement sharpish. I was really pleased with this- it saved my hands from the worst of winter and was fairly cheap and easy to get hold of. I'm going to try Lush Charity Pot for hand cream as winter is over, but if I see my hands getting dry again I'll pick this up for sure.

Bleach London resurrection mask

Bleach London Resurrection mask// This was a little sample that came in the total bleach kit. It's only small, so I used it when I went on holiday and when I stayed round my boyfriend's. I have the full sized version too, but even this small one lasted for ages. The packaging is also adorable! It makes your hair feel nice, but make sure you use it as per the instructions and use it BEFORE shampoo otherwise it will make your hair a little limp and greasy.

That's it for now! I'm gonna try to stick to having one of each product moving forward, but it's so hard! I bought waaay too much in Lush the other day too, so I think I'm just going to have to avoid the shops, haha :')
Thanks for reading!
-Amy xoxo

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