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Thursday 11 May 2017

Hair update: Pink-tinted unicorn hair with Bleach London

Pink tinted unicorn hair with Bleach London
It's exam season, and I was feeling a little down, so I thought I'd change up my hair colour a little bit. I did it on a little of a whim, but I was sooo happy with this hair! The reason I changed the colour was simply that I'd ran out of grey hair dye. I had some Bleach London Awkward Peach and Rosé left over, so I decided to use them up and have a little change. I mixed them up with conditioner so it made it more of a tint, and it went over my more yellow roots, the silver ish mid sections (from Makki grey) and the blue tinted ends (from L'Oreal colorista lilac) of my hair to make the perfect unicorn dip dye effect <3

pink hair dye

I thought originally I'd add a little carnation pink in, but in the end I decided not to. As it was the Bleach London Rosé and Awkward peach both washout fairly quickly, and it was diluted, I think it's the perfect no-commitment look <3 I'll probably do something like this for Slam Dunk at the end of the month. (P.s. is anyone else going to Slam Dunk? It's my first time so I'm ridiculously excited! Plus, my faves Crossfaith and Don Broco are playing. aaaahhhhh). Anyway, I did a comparison review post on both Carnation Pink and Bleach London's Rosé last year if you're interested.

curly unicorn hair
As you can see, the ends turned out a lot more of a greyish purple. I'm pleased with how unexpectedly pretty it is :) 

curly pink unicorn hair

pink hair and sunglasses

pastel pink lilac hair

pastel dip dye hair

pastel dip dye hair

pink unicorn hair Bleach London

pink unicorn hair Bleach London

Thanks for reading! I'd missed my pink hair, especially when I was looking back at this time last year when I had pink hair in Harajuku (the dream) but I also love having grey/ silver hair. Which one do you guys prefer? I'm super curious!
-Amy xoxo


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