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Tuesday 30 May 2017

My style goals 2017

My style goals 2017

My style has evolved a tonne since I started this blog, but there are still things I want to change, perfect and/or experiment with, and I thought I'd share a couple of my style goals today:

Wear more adventurous clothes// 
hats, thigh high boots, more red lipstick, space buns! I wanna push myself out of my comfort zone!

Go through my clothes again// I definitely could use a little downsize and a little trip to the charity shop. I don't wanna keep clothes that make me feel weird or insecure about myself, and I want to be able to open my wardrobe and only see things I absolutely love.

Buy less cheap clothes and get more 'investment pieces'// I wanna be more thoughtful with new purchases- cheap and stylish is ok, but no buying stuff for the sake of it. I can't afford to spend money on clothes that aren't amazing, and it's just wasteful anyway. Also, I never want to buy something that doesn't fit properly ever again.

Get more vintage and charity shop clothes// Pretty much all the vintage or used clothing I've bought has been so stylish, and it's better for both the planet and my wallet, so win-win right?

Style my hair differently//  I've got into a rut of just having my hair loose, and I wanna try out some other styles! Like space buns.

Be more confident// This one definitely won't happen for a while, but I think it's the most important in terms of where I am with my style lately. I just feel like everyone's staring at me all the time even when they're definitely not. sucks.

Take more OOTD photos// and put more of them on instagram.

My style goals 2017

Bare my legs// I am so insecure about my body, and although I often wear short skirts, I will aaalways pair them with a pair of tights, even in the humid 35 degree Japanese summer or at the beach. This one is definitely tied to body confidence, but I think the only way to get it is just go for it. I'm going to try, this summer *gulp*

Get better at makeup// I wanna get a proper foundation, so I can look more 'polished'.

Get influence from more diverse places// I am a little lost in terms of inspiration... Last year I had so many Japanese fashion magazines all the time, and I think it really pushed me to try new things. I wanna follow some new blogs and instagrammers, and I especially want to follow some more international or smaller, less polished bloggers. Please let me know your fave bloggers!! <3

So yeah, those are my style goals at the moment! What are your style goals? I'd love to know!
-Amy xoxo

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