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Tuesday 23 May 2017

How living in Japan changed my style

How living in Japan changed my style

I didn't think living in Japan would change my style thaaat much- after all, I'd liked Japanese fashion for a few years before I did my year abroad in Osaka. However, there's definitely a few things that I changed up last year! Apart from getting fashion inspiration from people around, I can understand Japanese way better so read a tonne more fashion magazines and also subscribed to loads of Japanese Youtubers. I tried some more 'mote kei' styles. So anyway, here's some of the ways living in Japan changed my style.


Eye makeup// Last year, I finally transitioned to winged liner... I like the gyaru- ish element in how I used to do my liner, but I was so heavy handed ^^;; Eyeshadows which are more glittery/shimmery seem to be popular in Japan compared to matte shadows over here. I had the best sparkly Kate eyeshadow palette last year, and this year I've got one from Majolica Majorca. I also tried Circle lenses for the first time last year, and I might get another pair soon because they were surprisingly cute and wearable.

Glossier lips// are super popular in Japan, whereas super matte liquid lipsticks weren't so common. I'm not a super gloss fan, but neither am I a fan of super super matte because it tends to dry the heck out of my lips.

I am still not converted to wearing lots of blush though- although mote-kei blush is soooo cute, I have really pale skin which goes red so quickly so adding more red isn't really something I'm interested in, you know?

I did a post on my minimal year abroad makeup collection if you're interested in getting a sneak peak at some of the products I picked up last year.



Curly hair/ I've started curling my hair more often and also a little differently- I usually just curl the ends of my hair and curl my fringe in. I started curling it more for everyday, and not just for special occasions. I think curled hair completely changes your look!

I also kept my fringe// I'm sure fringes are more common in Japan. I feel naked without one, so I don't think I'm going to grow it out any time soon.

Dyed Hair// Even though I worried about whether I should keep bleaching my hair before I left Japan, when I was there I think I had more confidence to keep my hair pink or silver. Everyone stared at me anyway and people seemed to like the pink ^^ I actually did some posts about Having unnatural hair in Japan , My bleached haircare routine in Japan, and where to buy unnatural hair dyes in Japan if you're interested.


I had a scholarship last year (and I spent it all on clothes and travelling like a good student.....)
so I could buy more clothes! Vintage shopping in Japan is awesome, and more affordable but fashionable shops like SPINNS and WEGO were amazing.

I bought another pair of my favourite platforms <3 but this time in white, from SPINNS (guys, if you're UK size 5-6 like me, you're kind of stuck for shoes in Japan unless you find places that stock XL size like SPINNS. The potential lack of shoes was actually the reason that I bought my DMs- I wanted something that I knew would last a whole year.

Glasses// I bought these fake glasses in Shinsaibashi, and they are my fave! And I bought some more off Amazon recently.

Less revealing clothes// Showing off shoulders or cleavage isn't very common in Japan, and it made me feel really weird if I wear clothes that are too revealing. Short skirts are ok, but showing cleavage is out.

More cute colours// I think my style is more grungey normally, but I loooove 'kawaii' and mote-kei styles, so while I was in Japan I think I managed to pick up some pieces which were a little more out of my comfort zone and more on the cuter side.

Staple pieces// Finally. I managed to pick up a couple of staple pieces that I would not be without today: my denim jacket, my sukajan, and my american apparel pleated skirt :)
How living in Japan changed my style

Do you guys like Japanese fashion? Have you lived abroad and found that it changed your style?
Thanks for reading! -Amy xoxo

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  1. Gosh I loooooove this post, and definitely agree with the "more colours" part! I was so boring before I found out about gyaru, and now I'm so much more adventurous about it. I also had trouble finding shoes in Japan but I managed to find some really cute heels on one of my very last days.

    Lizzie Bee // hello lizzie bee

    1. Your style is sooo cute! I wish I could pull off cute styles like you <3 I'm glad you managed to find some heels while you were there :)


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